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My last saving tip of the day is for gas.  Ugh!  Gas!  Every time I even think about gas, I can feel my bank account shrink; and the prices just seem to be getting higher and higher.  Shell has a game going right now, called Spin to Save.  You click on the wheel and it’ll let you know how much per gallon you will save.  You have three tries and can get anywhere from $.05 to $.25 off per gallon, and there is even the possibility to get FREE FUEL FOR A YEAR!  After you lock in the savings, you just have to sign up for their free fuel rewards program.

And that’s not all.  Shell’s Fuel Reward Program is part of a Fuel Rewards Network™. Sign up for the Fuel Rewards Network program online and earn even more Fuel Rewards savings through participating restaurants, Online Mall merchants and more.

And I’m still not done yet!  There are even more ways to save with the Shell Fuel Rewards program!  Jewel-Osco (and I just mention Jewel, because it is the store near me that is participating – there are many other grocers participating) and Shell have teamed up together to help save you money at the pump!  For every $50 in qualifying purchases at Jewel, you get $.05 off at the pump.  And that’s not the best part!  The amount accumulates, so the more you spend, the more you save.  With a family of 6, we have a pretty big grocery bill, so this amounts to savings at the pump in spades!  There are some details you need to be aware of, and for this information please refer to the rules and regulations posted on Jewel (or your local participating grocer) and Shell’s websites.

I’ve just started the program, and as soon as I get my first receipt I’ll share it with you guys!  One of my blogger friends has filled her tank for less than $2.00.  That’s not $2.00 a gallon – THAT’S HER WHOLE TANK!  And I swear to you I’m not making that up.  I’ve seen her receipt!

So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up for this awesome program today and start saving!


Okay, I need to update this, because I’ve learned more about the program and even more ways to save at the pump!  I don’t have a copy of my receipt yet, because I just got my rewards card in the mail and, unfortunately, the pump wouldn’t take my keychain card, so I had to wait for the regular card to slide through the pump payment system (whatever it is called lol).

So, here’s the latest:

I cannot get over the potential to save a TON OF MONEY ON GAS!  I was able to link up my grocery store reward card (which includes any amount on prescription payments paid after insurance) with my Shell Reward Card, plus I also was able to link up my Visa Debit Card to their dining program, which allows me to save even more.   You pay with that card and the rewards are automatically added.

Remember, if your grocer isn’t part of the program, there are other ways such as shopping at your favorite places and eating at your favorite restaurants!  You can even add savings by shopping online.  Here are some of the grocers that are participating:  Jewel-Osco, Copps, Lucky, Bi-Lo, Savemart, Homeland, Rainbow, Pick’n Save, S-mart Foods, Winn-Dixie, and many more.  You can even add cents off per gallon just by clicking coupons through their website – just by clicking, it instantly adds that value to your card, and if you purchase it, then you get the savings-per-gallon.  I believe you can still use your regular coupons on top of this, as well.  For instance, there were 21 items that I actually needed to purchase that were available for me to download onto my card, which gave me a savings of $.86 a gallon just for the items I am buying with the coupons – that isn’t including the amount that will be added for shopping at that store and buying my prescriptions there!

There are also hundreds of retailers that you can shop through to gain more savings at the pump through their online mall and special promotional offers.  Shop at over 700 merchants (including Macy’s, Best Buy, JC Penney, and more) and gain an additional $.05 savings PER GALLON for every $50 spent, and many merchants offer anywhere from 2X to 10X reward benefits.

The rewards, in most instances, will be valid until the last day of the month following your purchase.  For example, if you bought groceries at a participating grocer on September 15, 2012, the fuel rewards would be valid until October 31, 2012.  Some grocers may limit the reward amount for 30 days, so be sure and check with your grocer.  You can fill each car up to 20 gallons per filling for that entire time with those savings, so the potential to save hundreds of dollars is unbelievable, but undeniable!

They are still doing the spin&win game, too, online, where just by spinning you automatically get at least $.05 off PER GALLON (with the potential to win free fuel for a year).

I just looked at my account online, and I am up to $1.55 off per gallon, and that doesn’t even include the shopping trip I need to make, and, because the savings were all added from this month (really just purchases made in one week), it will carry over through to October 31, so I will be able to keep adding to that total!  I fully expect that within the next couple of weeks, with adding coupons from their site, paying for prescriptions, and paying for groceries, I will be at at least $2.00 OFF PER GALLON, and probably more!!!  So, get busy saving people!  😀  Just go here to sign up!  Even if you don’t have a participating grocer nearby, you can still earn savings off per gallon by utilizing their dining program, as well as online merchants and special promotions.


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