5 of the Best Christmas Presents for Pooches

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If you’re like most of us, your dogs aren’t just pets, they’re members of your family. On Christmas morning, there’s nothing more exciting than watching your four-legged family members tear into their presents. If you have a bit of money to spend, there are places both in-store and online to buy high-end pet gifts; if money is tight, you can buy a wide variety of pooch-friendly gifts for less than $10. Here, we’ll list some of the best gift ideas for your dog.

Pet Fountains

Keep your canine friend hydrated and entertained with the Drink Well Platinum Pet Fountain. Dogs (and cats) prefer to drink from a flowing stream of water; this fountain holds over a gallon and includes a filter to remove bad tastes and impurities. If you are away from home for most of the day but want to ensure that your pet has access to fresh water at all times, this is an ideal gift.

Luxury Bedding

If you really want to pamper your pet, a luxury dog bed is a great gift idea. There are beds to accommodate pooches of all sizes, and self-warming beds are ideal for older or arthritic animals.

Doggie Perfume

If you’d like your dog to smell, well, not so “doggy”, then think about putting some perfume in their Christmas stocking. Pettite Amande from Mungo & Maud is an ideal choice; made from the highest-quality ingredients, it’s safe for humans and animals. Containing notes of neroli, black currant, violet leaf and mimosa, it’ll keep Fido smelling fresh year-round.

Personalised Pet Christmas Gift Sack

Why should only people get all the fun of opening a sack of pressies on Christmas morning?

There personalised pet Christmas gift sacks can be adorned with your pooches’ name and your own message, and are available in a number of colours and sizes.

Personalized Collars

Apart from a microchip, a personalized collar is the best way to ensure that your dog is returned safely to you in the event of a disappearance. All you need to add is the dog’s name and your phone number; measure your dog’s neck circumference before you order. There are options available in every size, color and material; you’re sure to find one that fits your dog’s personality perfectly.

Some people (including many pet owners) scoff at the idea of putting presents under the tree for dogs- who obviously don’t understand the meaning of Christmas. Any or all of the gifts on this list are great choices, and they’ll go a long way in making your dog feel as if they’re part of the holiday festivities.

This guest post was contributed by dog lover Amy Fowler, on behalf of House of Paws. Read more from House of Paws here.


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