Combat Coupon Code Confusion: How to Save Money Online

Before you click “Checkout” and submit an online order, you need to search for coupons to reduce your order total. Simply put, you should never purchase a product online without a coupon code. By understanding the ABCs of online coupon codes, you can discover where and when to find the best bargains. By shopping smartly and understanding the many online coupon opportunities that exist, you can minimize costs, which leaves you with more money in your wallet. Become a super sleuth for coupon codes, and enjoy that extra cash.

Coupon Code Sources

Often, someone has already done the work for you when it comes to finding coupon codes. You can discover websites dedicated to online coupon codes, including this one. Simply browse the Coupons & Codes tab or search for your favorite store before you shop. Check the homepage of your online retailer, where many sites will include the current sales and specials. By subscribing to email updates for your favorite stores, you can also receive coupon codes and specials straight to your inbox, making your hunt for coupon codes especially simple.


Like any coupon, coupon codes come with terms that you must meet in order for the coupon to be valid. For example, you might have to spend a certain amount, such as $50, to receive free shipping. Some coupon codes might be applicable for only certain products. Often, coupon codes tie discounts to the amount you spend—for example, you might receive 10% off if you spend $25 with the discount increasing to 20% off if you spend $75. In the case of these coupon codes, the more you buy, the more you save. Coupon codes do not always have such stipulations, however. You can also regularly find percentage discounts off of your total purchase or free shipping no matter what you buy and how much you spend.


Just like you can stack coupons at your favorite brick-and-mortar store, you have the opportunity to stack coupons when you’re online shopping as well. The ability to stack coupons largely depends on the retailer. Some online retailers allow you to stack coupon codes, while others allow only one coupon code, or promo code, per purchase. Try stacking site-wide sales and coupon codes with other coupon codes that you can find. For example, you receive an email that your favorite clothing store is offering free shipping on all purchases. Combine this site-wide free shipping with a 20% coupon code you found on Cheap Sally for maximum savings.

Popular Offers

Shipping is one of those irksome costs that experienced online shoppers rarely have to pay. Shop around—many sites offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount, so the product you are considering on one site might be available through another retailer with free shipping. You can also snag some free loot when you purchase products you were already planning on buying. Monitor your favorite retailers—or sign up for email alerts, wait until a free gift offer appears, and then make your purchase. You do not have to do any more than make your purchase to enjoy that bonus product.


Online shopping can save you big bucks if you understand the basics of coupon codes. Making a little effort and searching for codes before you purchase can result in significant savings. Become a coupon code sleuth, and enjoy your online purchases for less.

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