DIY Photo Prints Like A Professional

Many people have a hidden artist inside. You can learn to take photographs like a professional. Whether you decide to shoot your friends, family, landscapes or other objects, the photographs can look professional. Taking family portraits at home can save as much as $200. Here are a few tips that can help you with your photography.

1. Buy a Good Digital Camera

Experts recommend a best-in-class Canon or Nikon camera. If you cannot afford to purchase a high-end model digital camera, choose a camera with these basic features: auto functions, manual functions, manual zoom and manual focus. The camera should have the ability to, at least, take 5 x 7 pictures at full resolution. High-end digital cameras can take 8 x 10 photographs in full resolution.

2. A Good Studio is Necessary for Professional Quality Photo Prints

A digital studio is necessary for producing quality prints. Good lighting and a blank wall is recommended for achieving high quality prints. A sunlit window is a good alternative if you cannot afford the best-in-class lights. Desk lamps and halogen lamps are also effective. Florescent lighting should be avoided because the subjects of your photograph may become green in color. Experiment with different lighting angles and lighting types.

3. Have a Large Variety of Scenery

If you want to take professional studio pictures, you should have a wide variety of scenery. Inexpensive sheets or event shower curtains can be used. The backdrops can be nailed to the wall or hung by rods.

Baby photographs can be taken on a variety of back-drops. Futons draped with sheets or other fabrics can be appealing if you can create an illusion that the baby is somewhere other than where the baby actually is located.

Props are also useful. Hats or beach toys can often be used in photographs. The props and background should be chosen carefully to make the photograph appear professional and realistic as opposed to appearing as common household items.

4. Use Props Sparingly

A photograph of a child on a rocking horse with a pastel-colored background can be professional and memorable. Many photographers also use a favorite doll or a portrait in the background for a personalized effect.

5. Use Effects and Colors

Most modern-day digital cameras have numerous settings that can change the color or add effects to the photography. Black and white settings or sepia can be quite effective in professional photographs. The other effects on the camera should be left to more creative photography. Use the settings to adjust the brightness and contrast. Most experts recommend taking photographs without any effects and then, adding the effects on the computer rather than using the effects on the camera.

Practice Your Art Until You Are Professional

Practice photography and take pictures until you are a professional. You will soon be on the road to taking professional photographs that you will treasure a lifetime. Incorporate the tips and watch your photography improve.

Kerstin has a strong passion in graphic design. In between pinning her favourite graphics on Pinterest, she works for a promotional printing service designing marketing collateral for her clients in her Sydney studio.


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