Expenses of Owning a Cat

The cost of owning a cat is an ongoing expense, and often owning a cat is an expensive hobby. First of all you have to buy a cat, and you must keep in mind that prices of cats and kittens varies a lot. Often people with no experience of having a cat in home underestimate the ongoing cost of owning a cat. Owning a cat is a huge responsibility, and the price of a cat has been just a small part of the total cost of owning a cat which we spent during the life of that cat. Following are few costs which we have to pay for owning a cat:-

Adoption Cost

Adoption cost of a cat is minor, however it depends on what kind of cat you are looking for. In some cases that adoption cost is as high as a few thousand dollars. The wise thing is to take quotes from different places in order to find a perfect deal. You had to pay the adoption cost once at the time of buying the cat.

Desexing Cost

If you buy a cat which is not desexed you have to pay the desexing cost. This cost varies from one vet to another. In most cases it costs you somewhere between $100 to $250.

Vaccination Cost

If the cat you adopted is not yet vaccinated, you have to pay for the vaccination. In the first year the kittens required to be vaccinated three times.

Cat Carrier Cost

There are different types of cat carriers are available in the market from which you have to choose one according to your budget. Cat carriers are important because you need these carriers when you need to take your cat out.

Food, Water Bowl Costs

There are many types of bowls are available for cats, and it depends on your purchasing power that how expensive bowl you can afford for your cat.

Other Accessories

You need some other accessories for your cat such as grooming brush, scratching posts, toys, and cat bed for your cat. These accessories come in different shapes and designs, and you have to choose according to your cat.

Cat Enclosures

If you have experience of having a cat at home you must be aware that how dangerous it is to leave your cat free. First of all it is unfair to your neighbors, and besides that it is dangerous for your cat also. There are different types of cat enclosures are available in the market in different shapes, and price range.

Ongoing Costs

Besides above mentioned equipment, you also have to do some ongoing costs on a monthly basis for your cat. In this monthly costs you have to pay for the food, medication, and cat litter expenses. You also have to take your cat for an annual veterinary checkup. Some people also like to have insured their cats, in that case you have to pay insurance costs also.

All these fixed and ongoing costs are enough to make owning a cat an expensive hobby, so you have to think before going to adopt a cat.

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