The Top 10 Nature Excursions in Singapore

From the main island of Pulau Ujong to the smaller islands like Pulau Ubin there is always an adventure ahead in Singapore. Here are 10 of the best nature excursions but they are in no specific order because one is just as breathtaking as the next.

Tree Top Walk
This one-of-a-kind, free-standing suspension bridge takes you high into the forest canopy and spans from two of the highest points of the MacRitchie forest. From here you have views of the reservoir, monkeys, lemurs, rare trees and over 80 species of birds.

Lower Peirce Trail
This guided trail takes you through the Central Nature Reserve, along the edge of MacRitchie reservoir. This 4,942 acre forest has trees that are dated to be over 100 years old. This forest also features over 840 flowering plants and is home to the Flying Lemur, Twin-Barred tree snake and the clouded monitor lizard.

Pulau Hantu
This beautiful island getaway is perfect for snorkeling, swimming and camping. It is actually made up of two small inlets (Hantu Besar and Hantu Kecil) and at low tide it is possible to walk across the lagoon that connects them. The island is filled with sheltered beaches, swimming lagoons and coral reefs.

Labrador Reserve
This 39-acre reserve is the only coral reef on the mainland and features a coastal hill forest as well as a rocky shoreline. The forest has an aerial staircase perched on the Cliffside filled with panoramic views and abundant wildlife. The live coral shoreline features octopus, nudibranchs and seahorses.

Sungei Buloh
This freshwater wetland reserve sits on 321-acres which has become famous for its unique animal and plant life. Among the trails and boardwalks you will encounter monitor lizards, wild otters and the residential crocodile. The mangrove trees are filled with climbing crabs and the water is filled with mudskippers and Archer fish.

Fort Canning
Fort Canning Park Island is the tallest natural viewing site in all of Singapore. This park is filled with spice gardens, spiritual burial grounds and botanical gardens. Victoria walk will take you on a leisurely stroll along the bay or hike up the stairs to the very top of the hill.

Asian Gardens
Located by Jurong Lake the Chinese and Japanese Gardens is 33-acres of serenity and peace. This island features Chinese style pavilions, a seven story tall pagoda and Chinese bonsai or “penjing” displays. A full day can be spent strolling through the gardens but the recently have also added a live turtle and tortoise exhibit.

Jurong Bird Park
Sitting on over 50 acres this is the world’s largest bird park. It features 380 bird species with 29 endangered species. This unique park is an all-day adventure with walk-in exhibitions as well as a Lory Loft, Southeast Asian Bird Aviary, African Waterfall Aviary and a Pelican Cove.

Pulau Ubin
This island is the only village or “kampong” let in Singapore. It can only be accessed by “bumboat” that you would catch at Changi. Walking along the village’s natural paths you will be swept away by the coconut palm trees, rubber plantations and abundant wildlife.

Chek Jawa
Located on Pulau Ubin this intertidal flat features various ecosystems all in one spot. Among the mangrove trees you will find both land animals and sea life together during low tide. The beach lovers have both rocky and sandy shores to choose from as well as sand bars. There is also a sea grass lagoon and coastal hill forest to explore.

With no distinctive seasons and a tropical rainforest climate year round even in the wild there is serenity in Singapore.

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