Rescuing a Dog During the Holidays

There are too many dogs that are currently spending their lives cooped up in shelters, hoping for someone to come along and take them home. Unfortunately, most dogs that end up in shelters also end up euthanized after a specific time frame if nobody decides to adopt them.

If you are looking for the one great gift to get someone this holiday season, you should consider adopting a dog. There are plenty of great reasons to make this investment during this time of year.

You’ll save a dog’s life.

As previously mentioned, most dogs that are cooped up in shelters will eventually be put down if nobody decides to take them home, and if you decide to rescue a dog this holiday season, you’ll be saving a dog’s life. You will be giving a second chance at life to an animal that probably did nothing to end up in the shelter in the first place, and for that, they will be your loyal and lifelong companion.

You’ll give a good gift.

If you adopt a dog this holiday season and give it as a gift to a loved one, you’ll easily end up as the best gift giver of all times. Most people have dreamed about receiving a dog with a bow for the holidays, and this will make the recipient extremely happy.

You won’t support puppy mills.

There are too many people who breed dogs just for the sake of making money, and puppy mills are known to keep dogs in very unhealthy conditions. When you rescue a dog during the holidays, you will be taking profits away from puppy mills and giving a home to a dog who needs it more.

You’ll have a great memory.

When you adopt a dog during the holidays, you will create a great lifelong memory. You and your family will always think of your new furry friend every time the holidays come around, and it will make your union that much more special.

You won’t be lonely.

If you don’t have friends or family to share the holidays with, rescuing a dog can be the best investment. By saving a dog, you will be eliminating the loneliness from the dog and you’ll also be fulfilling your own loneliness, as dogs can create superior companionship and help you make it through the holidays feeling and sharing love.

You’ll make room for more rescues.

Oftentimes animal shelters are filled to the capacity and they end up having to turn animals away. When you adopt a dog during the holidays, you’re opening up a kennel space for another dog to use, and this will help get stray dogs off the street and ensure that a homeless animal is given food and shelter during the holidays. 

You’ll be making a charitable donation.

The holidays are all about giving, and rescuing a dog is  a form of charity. Most animal shelters are made up of volunteers and rely on donations and the money earned from adoptions in order to keep the business afloat. By rescuing a dog during the holidays, you’ll be giving to charity, and a gift that does a good deed is the best gift to give.

Lauren Williams works on the dog rescue team at an animal shelter.  She often takes her work online by writing about adoption and pet care.


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