The Troodos Mountain of Limassol: The Perfect Hiking Experience

Anyone who has reached the summit of Troodos Mountain, shares the same expression, “Fantastic! It’s worth the climb!” The tranquility of the second highest summit in the island offers the perfect panoramic view. The breeze greeting your successful climb, gives you an unexplained satisfaction that you are bound to remember for the rest of your life. It is a choice worth grabbing during your escapade in Limassol, and enjoying it with friends makes it more entertaining.

Solitude of Hike

It is not because Troodos Mountains is not a popular destination in Limassol, but only a few travelers find time to enjoy the huge landscape ready to be explored by adventurists. As a result, you have the entire mountain all for yourself. It would be a rare sight to find yourself meeting another person, which is both reassuring and frightening because no one may be around to hear your shouts for help if ever an emergency situation occurs. Therefore, it is best to travel with all the first aid kits neatly packed in your backpack.

An Acquaintance with the Greens of the Mountains

It is hard to find a mountain as green as Troodos Mountains. The climb gives you an interesting display of a variety of green hues offered by oak, cedar, and pine trees. If you are more observant, then you will see more species of plants and shrubs hiding in this beautiful abode like wild rose, juniper, and strawberry. Every now and then, you can pause and admire the scenic view revealed in front of you. It helps to bring a high definition camera because you never can tell when you will have another opportunity to visit this place.

 The Jewels of Troodos Mountains: UNESCO List of Byzantine Churches

After hiking to the summit of the Troodos Mountains, you may want to see the list of Byzantine Churches considered as cultural treasures of Cyprus. Do so by renting a car in Limassol, because this is the most convenient and most affordable way of exploring the region.

  • Ayios Ioannis Lampadistis
  • Timiou Stavrou
  • Stavros tou Ayiasmati
  • Panayia tou Moutuola
  • Panayia tou Araka
  • Nikolaos tis Stegis
  • Assinou
  • Archangel Michael
  • Pedhoulas

You may not visit all of these churches, but with your chosen Limassol car hire, it is possible to explore at least three of these.

Other Important Regions of the Troodos Mountain Worth Exploring

If you are not too interested with these hiking adventures or a trip to ancient Byzantine churches, then you may take a pick from any of these regions in the Troodos Mountains that is worth exploring.

  • Louvaras is known for the 1455 wall paintings signed by Philip Goul found at the small church of Ayios Mamas.
  • Agros is popular because of its rose gardens, hotels, and cool springs. Nevertheless, the 9th century monastery is one of the premiere tourist destinations in the region.
  • Solea Valley is enjoyed by many because of the picturesque mountain villages of Galata and Kakopetria.

Enjoy your stay in Limassol and explore the beauty of the Troodos Mountains. Plan ahead of time and bring the entire family for a wonderful trip in Cyprus.

Lisa Merck is an advocate of preserving the beauty of nature. Enjoy the island’s unique beauty, by finding a Cyprus car rental before your scheduled trip.


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