Top 8 Gifts for Brits Abroad

If you know a Brit who’s been living abroad for a while, there’s a good chance they’re missing some of their favourite treats from home. If you’re still in the UK, then you’re in the perfect position to make their day – no, their whole year – by sending them a care package chock full of goodies from their home land. Here’s just a few suggestions:

1. Cadbury’s Chocolate

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Oh, but there’s no finer chocolate in the world than that of Cadbury’s. Other countries just don’t seem to be able to come up with anything quite so deliciously sweet and creamy. Whether it’s a bar of Dairy Milk or Caramel, a big old box of Roses or a good old Double Decker that’ll bring back childhood memories, your friend is sure to find comfort from it.

2. Nestle Chocolate

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A different sort of chocolate, but it’s still good – and Brits do like their chocolate! Nestle offers a range of slightly fancy chocolate goodies, in the form of Walnut Whips, Quality Streets and After Eights, among countless others. Send your loved one a special Nestle-shaped treat to remind them of home.

3. Pic ‘n’ Mix

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A little more old-fashioned, but there’s nothing wrong with that! It’ll show you care too, if you go to the effort of picking out your loved one’s favourite Humbugs, Rhubarb & Custards, Rock, and BonBons, and whatever else their heart desires!

4. Pot Noodles

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Not exactly nutritious, and er, possibly not that delicious either – except to a certain few. Pot Noodles are an acquired taste, for sure, but if it’s a taste your friend has acquired, then you’d better find some Chicken & Mushroom pots fast, to stick in that care package!

5. Crisps

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Crisps (not “chips”) are another favourite of the British patriot. Pick some of the sturdier varieties to give them a better chance of making it abroad in one piece! Twiglets and Hula Hoops are pretty tough, we reckon.

6. Crackers and Biscuits

What is it about your own country’s special little snacks that are so comforting? Despite the fact that there may be similar alternatives available in whatever country your friend happens to be in, nothing will set their heart aflame quite like the sight of a Penguin bar or some Jammie Dodgers!

7. Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals are a staple part of any British breakfast, but it’s strange to think that this isn’t the case in many other countries! If your friend is being forced to eat cheese, meat and fruit for their breakfast, for lack of other options, do the right thing and send a box of Frosties or Crunchy Nut over.

8. Tea

Whether it’s Earl Grey tea or good old PG Tips, if there’s one thing a Brit can’t be without it’s tea. You’ll know best what brand your loved one favours, so pick up a box (or two), send it on over to them, and pray they can find some decent milk to add to it!

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Harris Green is a writer, chocolate lover and a cricket fan. Harris works with an awesome gifts and memorabilia company Best Of British.


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