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Handmade Gifts Are Much More Special Than a Mere Brand Name

Gifts are an inseparable part of our lives. Be it Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, a wedding, birthday gifts, et al, we love getting and giving gifts for all occasions. They make the occasions memorable and remind us of those cherished moments later in our lives. Now, many a time, you might have found struggling with what to buy for the special people in your life. Do you buy them an expensive branded item or a more intimate handmade one? The dilemma of being divided between a brand name and handmade is not new or unusual. Many of us go through the dilemma all the time and find it difficult to take a stance on many occasions. However, if you really consider the reason why you are giving gifts, it is probably not such a difficult decision after all. When you give gifts, it is to the people you love, and you certainly want them to feel special about that gift. You also want them to have something unique that others don’t have and make them realize that you have given a special thought toward picking that gift for them. On all counts, handmade gifts far outscore brand name.

Handmade Gifts are Unique and Special

Handmade gifts have a characteristic and uniqueness of their own, which can hardly be matched by a brand name. Brand names are something that a lot of people swear by, but they simply don’t have the specialty feel of a handmade item. Even though a branded gift can turn heads at times, but you must know that they are factory made, and there are thousands others who will have the same item in their collection. It goes without saying that something that is hand crafted goes through a lot more individual attention, care, and nurturing than something that is machine made.

When an artist creates a piece of handmade item, they put their creativity, hard work, love, and care into shaping it. The artist makes only one of its kind art piece and hence each item is special to him or her, much like a child that one helps grow with love, care, and attention. The item bears the reflection of the artist’s personal thoughts and creativity, something that a branded gift item can never boast of. The love, care, and thought that goes into the making makes the item special, and you would surely want to give gifts that are special since it is the special people in your life that you want to buy them for. Think of a handmade clock that you might have received as heirloom from your grandfather, who might have got it as a gift from someone special in his life. How can the value of such a handmade item ever be matched by even the most exquisite of branded clocks that might be available in the market? Think of a designer dress or accessory that you got for your fiancé to make her feel special and treasured. Would a branded accessory be able to make her equally happy, since she would know that anyone and everyone could have picked it up from the store for a price? Probably not, because with the handmade one she would know that you searched for something unique, something that stands out, and something that only she will have, which is unlike when you get her a factory produced but expensive gift.

It Makes Sense To Support Handmade Goods

Handmade gifts are good in more ways than one. They give you the opportunity to support an individual artist who has not compromised with his or her art for the usual demands of the market. It lets you support real art. Think how lovely it is to talk to the artist in person and make them understand the kind of gift that you want for your sweet woman and later on see that come to life through the loving hands of the artist. You put your own thoughts, love into the making of a beautiful piece of art that reflects the deep feelings that you have for her and also the love that the artists has for the creation. It is your personalized gift for the one you love, something that a over the counter gift can never compete with and additionally you also get an opportunity to encourage individualistic creativity. Moreover, handmade goods and items are far more environment friendly in terms of resource consumption. Usually the artists use organic colors and ingredients so that the impact on your health and the environment is minimal. So not only are you supporting art, but you are also being more environment conscious when you buy a handmade gift.

Silk Painting Moon Rapshody 212x300 Handmade Gifts

Handmade Silk Scarves Make for Great Gift Ideas among Others

If you are mostly in for a handmade gift for the special women in your life, then handmade silk scarves are a wonderful option. They are unique, elegant and classy. Each of the scarves is made by artists with individual attention and care. Each of them bear a unique art work or design making it the only one like it and hence special. The artists take their inspiration from signature styles of art maestros like Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt, making these scarves looking even more splendid and unique. They reflect the richness and elegance that you would want your heartthrob to dazzle in. when you pick a hand crafted and hand painted silk scarves for her, she will know that a lot of thought has gone into it and would appreciate the love and attention that it conveys. She would realize that she is special and that is the reason why you got her something handmade, something special.



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What Others Have Said:

  1. I love DIY stuff! We handmade all our Christmas presents last year and saved a ton of money. It’s the best way to go, so thanks for the tips! :)

  2. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Hand made gifts are the very Best to give & receive..They mean so much to me that someone actually put their heart into making me a special gift..When I make Handmade gifts I put my heart into it. The wonderful person that I gift it to is so appreciative of it..My next task is to learn how to crochet slippers. Wish me Luck~~

  3. This past Christmas I made a big effort to do as many homemade gifts as possible – most of them were well received. I was kind of sad when one person (who I had spent the most time making beautiful handpainted glasses for) – didn’t seem entusiastic about them. That being said, since everyone else loved them, I’ll stick with it!
    Krista recently posted..Double Double Daze – Saturday, March 2 at Pick n’ SaveMy Profile

  4. I love doing home made gifts with the kids at Christmas time every year, and for Mother’s and Father’s Day I find that my digital scrapbooking program helps me make some really great gifts the grandparents love. It’s not just for scrapbooks. I’ve done stationery, photo ornaments, gift tags, and other projects too.
    Meghan recently posted..Mish Mash Roll Pound Smash! A Playdough PlaydateMy Profile

  5. Great Tips. I love DIY stuffs. And i will try to do one handmade Christmas gift.

    Thank you

  6. Kate F. says:

    I love finding quality handmade goods. They’re such nice gifts.

  7. Linda Manns says:

    I love hand made gifts. I really enjoy going to arts and craft shows to see some of the great ideas people come up with

  8. I like searching for handmade goods on Etsy. Or at local art fairs. I would love to buy more of these kinds of gifts instead of brand name items. Some things can’t be handmade, but a lot can be, especially decor, clothing, or household items like furniture! I think one of the great things of buying handmade items is that it’s supporting the skill of a person and it usually doesn’t create a situation where a worker is doing something for labor and could potentially be not given proper working conditions and wages.

  9. I love handmade gifts they are much more meaningful. This artwork is awesome!

  10. I really loved your review on Handmade gifts! I totally agree with you that something that is homemade has much more love attached to it as something store bought! Store Bought is the easier way to go, however, like you had said, how many other people out their have the same thing. I know that when My kids and grandkids were born, my Aunt Maryanne cross stitched a beautiful display that had their names, date they were born and how much they weighed at birth. She even had them professionally framed! That was the most caring gift I could have received! My oldest daughter has hers with her now that she’s married and has my 2 grandchildren who also have 1 made for each of them! It’s such a nice and wonderful gift! She also has made sweaters for my kids and grandkids as well! I wish I was more creative that I could do something like that! Thanks so much for the wonderful review and information! I truly appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele :)