Rabbit Care Tips

Rabbit Care Tips

As an animal lover, you are sure to agree that caring for a pet is fun and therapeutic, as well as rewarding. With Easter fast approaching, you might be considering adopting a baby bunny. Of course this is a lovely idea, but you should also be aware that bunnies take a lot of care and are actually quite high maintenance pets.

If you love cats then you are probably used to your feline friend jumping onto the sofa and sitting on your laptop when you’re trying to play at Cheekybingo.com or browse the internet. If you want to get a bunny then you should be aware that this is something rabbits might to as well. But why? The warmth from the laptop is something which cats and rabbits can’t resist.

As adorable as rabbits are, they are pets for life, not just for Easter. They can live up to 10 years and some even reach their teens. A rabbit requires devotion and care for many years.

Rabbits probably aren’t the best pet for small children. Bunnies are spooked easily which means they’re likely to be afraid of loud children. Plus, youngsters love to carry and cuddle their pets which is something rabbits aren’t always comfortable with. In addition, they are delicate animals which means if they’re accidentally dropped, they can easily break a leg. Rabbits have no voice, so they cannot amplify when they’re scared or distressed which is why they may scratch or bite to show their emotions.

When it comes to feeding your rabbit, make sure they have fresh grass, water and hay each day in large quantities.

In the winter, it’s vital they are sheltered from the cold. They can still be kept outside, but make sure their hutch is well insulated by giving them plenty of hay, grass and blankets to sleep in. You could bring them inside if you prefer.


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