Save Money In Tuscany During Your Honeymoon {Guest Post}

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Save Money in Tuscany During Your Honeymoon

Weddings certainly can get expensive, especially if are planning on traveling to Italy to have your dream wedding! If you’re also staying in Tuscany for your honeymoon after your intimate wedding with select family and friends, you probably will want to cut back on expenses, especially after your wedding is over. Sure it will be fun to tour the sites as husband and wife, but it also will be important to look after your wallet too! Here are some tips that will help you save some money after your wedding so that when you get back to the states you won’t be completely broke, because that’s never fun to deal with after you’ve had the time of your life as a new husband and wife!

Consider the Season 

Did you know that Italy is more affordable during the spring or fall? If your wedding is flexible then you may want to schedule it during these seasons or if it is already planned for the spring, then you should be all set! During the summer it is very crowded and not to mention hot, especially if you stay on the coast. Get married during the spring or fall time and you’ll be more likely to find less tourists and great bargains.

Cut Down Food Expenses 

Several restaurants offer great discounts on meals around noon time. Plan your schedule around noon time meals and save money in the process. If you get hungry again later in the evening head to the grocery store or look for open air markets. You can always go on a picnic with a piece of pizza in hand. Plus, keep in mind that if you look for quick places to eat as opposed to sitting down and dining the prices will most likely be more affordable as well.

Stay at an Affordable Villa Rental 

Tuscany villa rentals are very affordable and come with many benefits. Often time they are available for fewer than 25 euros per person per night, as opposed to a hotel that may charge you extra money for hidden extras! A villa is also ideal if some of your friends and family members want to stick around and enjoy the sights after your wedding as well because you can get a group discount. Just make sure that they stay in their separate quarters while you enjoy your honeymoon as husband and wife!

Sierra is a freelance writer who would love to go to Tuscany for her wedding and honeymoon some day. Catch up with Sierra on her blog Ocean Dreams.

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  1. Elle Briarson says:

    Always wanted to go to Tuscany! What a romantic destination!

  2. Maria Iemma says:

    I wish we had money to travel to Europe. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and Spain and perhaps in the future we will be able to make that dream come true. At this time the budget is tight due to job loss but dreaming is FREE