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What is treasure? How do people hunt for treasure? What do YOU treasure?

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The science, technology, history, and thrill of treasure hunting are explored in the fantastic traveling exhibition Treasure! The Hunt Has Just Begun. This joint project of Burpee Museum of Natural History and Discovery Center Museum in Rockford IL, features 5,000 square feet of artifacts, hands-on activities, videos, biographies, and tales from around the world.

The traveling exhibition opens May 25 and runs through September 2.

Delve into the technology employed by treasure hunters and focus on the people and personalities lured by the promise of prosperity. Be enticed by shipwreck and treasure site artifacts, and learn to use the tools you’d need to find a fortune. Dig for treasure and pan for gold. Operate a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) in a tank of water. Use a metal detector. Use maps, compasses and clues to locate treasure. Learn how to geocache. You can even try your hand at cracking a safe!

Treasure! can be uncovered in the Woodward Exhibit Hall. Admission: $2 for Members; $4 for Public + general Museum admission of $8/person. Parking is free.

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