Spruce Up Your Home

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Spruce Up Your Home

If your property isn’t doing everything you want it to and doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor any longer that we all aspire to, then it may be difficult to know right away what in particular is holding it back and what it’s lacking. You just know something’s not quite right with your property.  Maybe you know that you prefer your neighbor’s home, and it’s just tricky to put your finger on precisely where you’re going wrong.  So what do you do?  You spruce up your home.  In this article, I will give you reasons why your property might not be living up to its promise and tips to fix it.

It’s Dark

If your property is dark and dingy then this right away will damage the feel of sitting in there and enjoying it for what it is, and it can affect your home in a number of ways. When a property is dark, this doesn’t just make it more difficult to see, it also makes the space seem suddenly smaller, as well as more untidy. Light reflects around a space and makes it look larger while at the same time making it look cleaner by giving it a literal ‘sheen.’

A very quick way to improve the look of your home is to just increase the light, and there are a number of ways you can do that. Here are some of them:

  • Add more/bigger windows
  • Remove netting and curtains
  • Reduce clutter
  • Choose lighter colours for your walls and furniture
  • Add a large mirror

It’s Too Busy

A home is somewhere we come back to at the end of a long, hard day in the office.  So, it’s really quite important that it be relaxing and give us space to breathe. You must make sure that your rooms look spacious and open and not too busy and cluttered. To accomplish this, make sure you remove excessive items of furniture that are getting in the way, and avoid using patterns on your carpets and walls which can get in your visual space.

It’s Not Modern

If you’ve had the same things for a long time then it might be that they have dated and your rooms no longer look modern or new. To avoid this it’s of course time to invest in some new furniture and furnishings which can quickly give your rooms new life.

At the same time you also need to look into whether your fittings and furnishings might have deteriorated over time and started to fade or lose their colour. Even if you think your room looks bright and clean, it may be that compared to the way it looked when you first moved in it is decidedly duller. Things like carpet cleaning or repainting your walls and skirting boards can make a huge difference here and give your home back the vibrancy it should have.

It Lacks Wow Factor

Finally, if your guests and family aren’t wowed by your home, it might just be that it lacks that little extra something that would make it stand out – which could be rectified by adding something more interesting like a balcony, conservatory or something else more interesting with some home renovations, even something as simple as a new kitchen backsplash, new floors, or new kitchen countertops can really add a whole new look to a drab space.


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What Others Have Said:

  1. Catherine Shaw says:

    I suspect my co-op sold fast because it was so well-located — but I had also followed a lot of these ideas. I made the place look as sleek as possible by de-clutterings, I did a spare Japanese “thing” in the bedroom, I had sheers on the windows, etc. Exciting time, selling!

  2. Amanda Williams says:

    We had such a hard time selling our home in North Carolina. We figured that since it was a ” military town”, that it would sell fast but it did not. Turns out that it was too “busy” as you said. We simplified everything from the inside out and it was sold within a month.

  3. Thanks for the tips. We’re in the process of closing on a house and it has a lot of potential, however, it is a real snooze fest right now. Everything is neutral etc. etc. and the curb appeal is boring. However, there are advantages to having a blank slate type of space. I definitely eventually want to change the shape of the outside because it is so boxy. We’re not interested in selling right now but I now by changing it to be more interesting it will be worth it when we do.

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    This is definitely on my to-do list for next summer.

  5. cheryl lister says:

    I agree that mirrors really add a special touch to a room, making it seem a bit bigger and brighter. Thanks for the reminder – I have a big mirror I got at a yard sale that is sitting in storage because I forgot about it. Time to figure out how and where to hang it!

  6. Thanks for all the Top Things you can do to improve your house and make it more appealing. I love your ideas and tips, however, many of them include spending a lot of money which we don’t have. My house needs so many things done to it and we just haven’t had the money to accomplish them. In my home, I need new ceilings in several rooms, I could definitely use new furniture + the rugs should be professionally cleaned & the rooms all should be repainted! I’ve been waiting to, at least, have my dining room ceiling fixed because if we were to have guests over, it would definitely embarrass me!!! My husband keeps talking about having his “racing buddies” down to our home, and, I keep telling him not until the downstairs is fixed up! I honestly do appreciate the things you mentioned to spruce up your home, and I know I’ve got to do some of them as well. I just need to get my husband in gear to fix it or have someone else fix it! Thanks again for sharing the terrific information! Michele :)

  7. This is a lovely way to improve the home atmosphere. I like the mirrors the best.

  8. Thanks for these tips on sprucing up the home. My bedroom lacks luster and has paneling which evidently has been up for years. It’s dark and need to spruce up the bed with deoorative pillows and a new comforter that has bright colors. Also hardwood floors so thinking of buying a pretty rug.