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Jungwon Outer Wear Offers Waterproof Breathable Solutions!

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Junwong is a newer company based in New Jersey.  They carry a line of outer wear made from an extremely light weight waterproof fabric.  Aqua Max 3L nylon/nylon blend is so lightweight, that you will hardly notice that you are wearing it!  This waterproof breathable fabric is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Rain wear coverage is incredible.  Comes in both long and short sleeves:

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Made from Aqua Max 3L fabric, Rain is completely waterproof and windproof, and offers excellent breathability • Micro Grid lining is a thin, low-density fabric that allows the shell to slide easily over mid-layers • Reduced number and thickness of seams offers improved abrasion- and snag-resistance, enhanced breathability and decreased weight • Features watertight front zipper laminated polyurethane exposed Aqua zippers by riri. • Slim construction is engineered for a great look.

With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find just what you need.

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Junwong offers selections for both men and women.  Jackets, capes and rain wear, come in a number of different lengths and colors.  Many items have hoods.  Closures also come in different modes – Zippers, Buttons and Belts.  Outer wear that is padded has lining made from 3M Thermal Insulation.

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JUNGWON Padding is a full-featured fabric for urban life. • waterproof and windproof, and offers excellent breathability • Made from 3M Thermal Insulation • Machine wash cold seperately on gentle cycle

I sure could have used one of them during my 6 week stay in Upstate NY.  For the month of February there were record low temperatures and record high snow falls.

If you have special needs, you can contact the company about special orders.

With Jungwon outer wear, layering is no problem. Since the fabric is so light, it can be worn over or under clothing or other outer wear. Perfect for all temperatures and climates, due to it’s breath-ability.  Orders can be made online via PayPal, and free shipping is available (see restrictions on website).

From the Owner:

Breathable Outerwear

  • High Performance

  • Easy Care

  • Great Looking

I have been living in and out of NYC for over a decade and have been working in the city for some time.  Every morning I take the subway and walk several blocks to the office.  I sometimes enjoy my commute, but when the weather is not friendly, it is a really troublesome getting out in the wind or in the rain.

The weather in NYC has been less predictable and I myself have been looking for a jacket or coat that I can depend on for many years.   I saw many high performances outerwear in the specialty stores for serious outdoors but they were not for my everyday work clothes.   As a designer working in the city, I needed a great look, more than just rain coat or wind break.  I looked for outerwear that I can wear regardless of the destination but it was so hard and my patience ran out.   I stopped  to look and started to make one for myself.

I worked as an outerwear designer for designer brand and had the knowledge and skill to make them.  But this time I looked for different fabric and materials.  I wanted to make outerwear that can protect me from wind or rain and also can be machine-washed at home.  It was challenging from the beginning but very rewarding.  I have designed several jackets and coats for myself and for others and they were sensational among the people who have tried them on.   I started to get orders and that encouraged me to start my own brand, “JUNGWON.”

JUNGWON aims to give secure protection and comfort to one who wear; all our fabric choice is water-proof, wind-proof, wrinkle-free and breathable.  To maximize its function, we have chosen the most advanced high-tech materials available in the market.  They are very strong and resilient in any weather condition but still breathable, and comfortable.  And we use the best quality materials available in the market to coordinate with high quality fabric.

JUNGWON wants to make you look chic and classic.   Yes, there is a new trend in every season in every year, but we tried to make outerwear that you can rely on for many years.   We also wanted to make sure that you can wear anything under or with our jacket or coat.  We also added safe details very carefully so they will not spoil your look.  Our colors were carefully selected from dark blue and black to light grey for easy mix and match.  The tone will suit you with any of your clothes.

This is our philosophy of “the one jacket you need in NYC.”

June Sohn

New York City

Connect with Junwong: Shop

Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion of this product.


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