Endless Jewelry

Endless Jewelry offers a unique line of gorgeous leather bracelets, along with charms (made of Sterling Silver, Gold Plated and Rose Gold Plated). When you think of leather bracelets, I bet beautiful and elegant don’t come to mind, BUT, with Endless Jewelry, that is exactly what their leather bracelets are…Beautiful and Elegant! I received this (Continue Reading…);


Bella San Luci Spells YUM

Bella San Luci I have a true love for tomatoes.  I like them on salads, in soups and sauces, and piled onto a sandwich.  I’m just discovering sun dried tomatoes and Bella Sun Luci has made me a huge fan! Bella Sun Luci spells YUM! I received the most wonderful box, filled with the most (Continue Reading…);


Jungwon Outer Wear

Jungwon Outer Wear Offers Waterproof Breathable Solutions! Junwong is a newer company based in New Jersey.  They carry a line of outer wear made from an extremely light weight waterproof fabric.  Aqua Max 3L nylon/nylon blend is so lightweight, that you will hardly notice that you are wearing it!  This waterproof breathable fabric is like (Continue Reading…);