A Spooky Review and My Annual Halloween Review Post

What did you guys do for Halloween?  As a stay-at-home mom and blogger, I was home most of the day (when not driving my kids all over town, that is).  I’ve been sick this week and decided to start my annual ritual of creeping myself out early while I worked on laundry (a major feat (Continue Reading…);


Wreck-It-Ralph Wishes You Happy Halloween!

  Wreck-It-Ralph crashes into theaters this Friday, November 2!  To celebrate this and Halloween, I have several treats to share with you today (cut-outs, games, and more) Check out this cool You-Tube video! And here are some printable stencils and face masks for you!  😀 Wreck-It Ralph Games on Disney.com Let your kids play the (Continue Reading…);


Disney’s Frankenweenie – A review

[SlideDeck2 id=1042] Disney’s Frankenweenie – A Review I wanted to write this Thursday, but was struck down with a horrendous migraine, so I apologize for not getting my Film Friday out sooner!  Anyways, I have a review again this week, which is exciting news for me.  The chance to go to private, advanced screenings is (Continue Reading…);