Fannie May Twitter Party


Pro­mo­tional Join Blog­gin Mamas & Fannie May as we host the #FannieMay4Holidays Twit­ter Party on Tuesday, 12–8-15 at 9p EST/6pm PST! We’ll be Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Time: 9:00–10:00pm EST / 6:00–7:00pm PST Hash­tag: #FannieMay4Holidays Pre­sented by: @FMChocolate and @BlogginMamas Mod­er­a­tors: Eng­lish– @HeLoEnterprises Span­ish– @BBabushka Co-Hosts: @EnzasBargains, @ItsFreeAtLast, @savorysavings, @oopsimpregnant, @pinkninjablogg, @picklejars History of (Continue Reading…);


Justin Power Bank Review

Have you ever gotten stuck somewhere without juice in your devices and been totally stuck? Smartphones have large screens, which devour lots of battery very quickly, causing most of us to have this issue at some point or another.   As a blogger, there is lots that I do on the go. I manage my (Continue Reading…);



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Teri Hardy – My Story

teri hardy

This happened to me last summer and I didn’t have the nerve to come forward then.  I really felt and hoped it was a one-off event, even though a few other bloggers had warned me that Teri Hardy wasn’t to be trusted.  I did try to gently guide people away from investing in her group (Continue Reading…);


Endless Jewelry

EJ Logo

Endless Jewelry offers a unique line of gorgeous leather bracelets, along with charms (made of Sterling Silver, Gold Plated and Rose Gold Plated). When you think of leather bracelets, I bet beautiful and elegant don’t come to mind, BUT, with Endless Jewelry, that is exactly what their leather bracelets are…Beautiful and Elegant! I received this (Continue Reading…);


Feltman Brothers Diamond Smocked Dress

feltman brothers

Feltman Brothers was founded in 1916 and is dedicated to creating timeless, high quality, hand embroidered outfits and accessories ranging in size from newborn to toddler. For Easter, we received the Diamond Smocked Dress. This company goes to great lengths to express their attention to quality even to how the dress was shipped to its (Continue Reading…);


Isabelle Grace Jewelry petite charm necklace


Isabelle Grace Jewelry has launched a new petite charm necklace collection that my 12 year old daughter was privileged to wear and offer her thoughts. Isabelle Grace is known for their USA made personalized jewelry. The piece my daughter wore was the 16 inch necklace (.999 silver) with a 3/8” matte finish cross charm and (Continue Reading…);


Jungwon Outer Wear

Jungwon web_logo 1 cropped

Jungwon Outer Wear Offers Waterproof Breathable Solutions! Junwong is a newer company based in New Jersey.  They carry a line of outer wear made from an extremely light weight waterproof fabric.  Aqua Max 3L nylon/nylon blend is so lightweight, that you will hardly notice that you are wearing it!  This waterproof breathable fabric is like (Continue Reading…);


Capresso Iced Tea Maker


I’m a hot tea kind of gal. When I’m sick that is. I don’t like iced tea. At all. The hubby however does like iced tea on occasion. But it HAS to be cold. As soon as it starts warming up he makes a face. You know the one. Like a 6 year old that (Continue Reading…);


Blu Salt Rama Wallet

Blu Salt Feature Photo

I love it when things match. From my eye shadow pulling a color from my outfit, to my nails and toes matching! I even love when my purses and wallets match. Now, we all have a go to little black dress of sorts, even if it’s our little black dress of shoes or little black (Continue Reading…);