Facing Autism and Puberty – Oh My!

autism frustrated

I have been in a state of panic for a few days and just can’t shake it and I’d love some prayers. I am having trouble sleeping over it. The problem, the issue at hand? The thought of my son going through puberty. My son just turned 10, which means he is at that age (Continue Reading…);


Jord Wood Watch Review

jord wood watch

Several months ago, a representative of Jord contacted me about doing a review for their wood watches.  My initial reaction was, to be honest, “meh.”  The mere thought of a wooden watch just brought images to mind of heavy, clunky, bulky, rather plain watches. I just set aside the email for review at a later (Continue Reading…);


Tips for Giving Your Home Curb Appeal

Tips for Giving Your Home Curb Appeal Never underestimate the impact that the curb appeal of your home can have. First impressions really do count and when your home has strong curb appeal, its value can markedly increase. Keep in mind that, unless your home does look attractive and inviting from the street when it (Continue Reading…);


Shopping In Paris – The Hidden Galleries

paris shopping

Paris is all about shopping, and over the years many galleries and shopping arcades have been built. During the late 18th century a maze of hidden passages were built across the city, and although many of them have fallen into disrepair and have been demolished, others have been lovingly restored. Here are some that have (Continue Reading…);


Top Ten Showering Tips!


Your shower should be a sanctuary. It is the place that you go to first in the morning to let the water run over you and get ready for the day ahead. It is a time out from the world; a private experience that should be enjoyable no matter what the rest of the day (Continue Reading…);


Spruce Up Your Home

large mirror

 Image Source: Creative Commons Spruce Up Your Home If your property isn’t doing everything you want it to and doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor any longer that we all aspire to, then it may be difficult to know right away what in particular is holding it back and what it’s lacking. You just know something’s (Continue Reading…);


If Your Pets Could Tweet During Your Travels

shih tzu

What if your pets can tweet their complaints away when traveling with you? Most choose to bring their pets along with them. This gives them a light-hearted feeling that is enough to make them withstand the irritating traffics and body-numbing long trips. In as much as you are all prepped up for road adventure, you (Continue Reading…);


Music Meets Fashion: Best Dressed Guitarists


Music Meets Fashion:  Best Dressed Guitarists It seems any aspiring musician in a band these days has to think of themselves as a package. Gone are the days where the music is king; there has been a collision of music and fashion. Esquire magazine even has a ‘how to’ guide to dressing as a rockstar (Continue Reading…);


Different Ways to Collect DNA Samples


Different Ways to Collect DNA Samples   DNA is a fascinating topic that might seem like it doesn’t get enough credit all of the time. When you consider that DNA testing was actually put to real use in 1985, genetic research appears to be relatively young. There is still a lot to learn about DNA, (Continue Reading…);


Life with AJ – Part 1


I’ll be honest, I wish I could go back to simpler days; days like when he was a baby, wrapped snug in his blanket or tucked safely in his sling close against me.  We didn’t have to worry about words like autism, Asperger’s, and spectrum disorders, and I didn’t have to worry about my son (Continue Reading…);