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Disney’s Remake of Pete’s Dragon! Coming August 12, 2016

Pete’s Dragon was always one of my favorite movies as a child.  I am so excited to hear that they are remaking this wonderful film with today’s technology! Check out this sneak peak here:

Big Hero 6 #Film Friday

With the creative minds behind such sweet, fun, and classic Disney animated movies such as “Winnie the Pooh,” “Bolt,” and “Tangled,” “Big Hero 6” is a film inspired by the Marvel comics of the same name and features comic-book style action. “With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Big Hero 6” is (Continue Reading…);

The Hundred-Foot Journey – #Foodie Friday – Omelette Aux Fines Herbes

I am excited to be bringing you weekly recipes, so far anyways, to bring awareness to the DreamWorks picture The Hundred-Foot Journey, starring the fabulous Helen Mirren.  This film sounds fantastic and looks amazing.  Here is a little quote telling what the picture is about and then you’ll find the terrific recipe of the week. (Continue Reading…);

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Justin Power Bank Review

Have you ever gotten stuck somewhere without juice in your devices and been totally stuck? Smartphones have large screens, which devour lots of battery very quickly, causing most of us to have this issue at some point or another.   As a blogger, there is lots that I do on the go. I manage my (Continue Reading…);


<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Follow my blog with Bloglovin Come follow us on Bloglovin!  We have some great new gift guides about to come out.  Don’t miss out.

KidFit Wireless Activity Tracker Review

In today’s word, ensuring that our children receive the right amount of exercise is an extra challenge. They want to sit in front of the TV, computer, social media, video games, and they always have a cellphone on them. But what if you can turn around the technology and make it work for your benefit? x-doria (Continue Reading…);

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Branson, Missouri – It’s Fun For the Whole Family! @ExploreBranson @SDCAttractions

We recently received the opportunity to travel to Branson, Missouri as part of a travel review for a weekend excursion trip.  It was just a short trip, but it was a fun-filled, action-packed trip, and one that delighted the whole family. Our first evening, we had been driving for nearly ten hours and we were (Continue Reading…);

Check out our Review of The Six Show in Branson, MO – @sixshow @ExploreBranson

The Six Show at the Mickey Gilley Theater ( is performed by the Knudson Brothers, who have been singing together as a group since the 1970’s.  The tagline for their Branson show is “SIX Voices  Zero Instruments ALL Music,” but their style is not acapella in the traditional sense.  What makes this show unique is (Continue Reading…);

Shopping In Paris – The Hidden Galleries

Paris is all about shopping, and over the years many galleries and shopping arcades have been built. During the late 18th century a maze of hidden passages were built across the city, and although many of them have fallen into disrepair and have been demolished, others have been lovingly restored. Here are some that have (Continue Reading…);

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Endless Jewelry

Endless Jewelry offers a unique line of gorgeous leather bracelets, along with charms (made of Sterling Silver, Gold Plated and Rose Gold Plated). When you think of leather bracelets, I bet beautiful and elegant don’t come to mind, BUT, with Endless Jewelry, that is exactly what their leather bracelets are…Beautiful and Elegant! I received this (Continue Reading…);

Feltman Brothers Diamond Smocked Dress

Feltman Brothers was founded in 1916 and is dedicated to creating timeless, high quality, hand embroidered outfits and accessories ranging in size from newborn to toddler. For Easter, we received the Diamond Smocked Dress. This company goes to great lengths to express their attention to quality even to how the dress was shipped to its (Continue Reading…);

Isabelle Grace Jewelry petite charm necklace

Isabelle Grace Jewelry has launched a new petite charm necklace collection that my 12 year old daughter was privileged to wear and offer her thoughts. Isabelle Grace is known for their USA made personalized jewelry. The piece my daughter wore was the 16 inch necklace (.999 silver) with a 3/8” matte finish cross charm and (Continue Reading…);

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5 Tips for Traveling with Pets {Guest Post}

License: Creative Commons The key to traveling with pets is planning the trip in advance. There are a number of ways to ensure the trip goes smoothly. Nobody wants to take care of a sick dog on vacation. In addition, proper paperwork and planning can help to ensure success. Listed below are five tips to (Continue Reading…);

If Your Pets Could Tweet During Your Travels

What if your pets can tweet their complaints away when traveling with you? Most choose to bring their pets along with them. This gives them a light-hearted feeling that is enough to make them withstand the irritating traffics and body-numbing long trips. In as much as you are all prepped up for road adventure, you (Continue Reading…);

Furry Friends – What Pet Should You Choose For Your Home?

Just moved and settled into a new home and/or wanting some more company? Though many Western societies have seen changes in their social demographics and living standards, one thing has remained relatively constant: the value they place on having pets. But when it comes to pets, which one should you choose for your home? Of (Continue Reading…);

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In the Home

Van’s Foods Easy Mealtime Hacks

Easy Mealtime Hacks Having four kids, three being active teenagers, we always have kids always on the go and mealtime is a regular challenge in our household.  I know this is a regular challenge for my readers, as well.  I have some great “hacks” from Van’s Foods to help with these challenges! Hello from Van’s (Continue Reading…);

NewAir Water Dispenser Review

NewAir contacted me recently about reviewing one of their products. I had the choice of their ice makers or water dispensers. I chose the NewAir WCD-200W Water Dispenser, drawn to the fact that it has a hot water function and knowing it would be great this winter for quick cocoa and easy cup-a-soups for the (Continue Reading…);

Alternative Uses for Salt that Could Save You Money – Cool Life Hacks!

Alternative Uses for Salt that Could Save You Money Salt can be used for so much more than cooking in the kitchen. You will be amazed at all the amazing things salt can do! Check out these cool life hacks for salt that could save you money. Is that old broom ready for a replacement? (Continue Reading…);

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