Boutique Shopping on Your Trip to New York

No trip to new New York would be complete without shopping. And you could go to the malls, but they don’t differ much from the malls around the country, so you want to hit the boutiques. And when it comes to boutiques, New York is the place to be.

1. Alexis Bittar

This trendy boutique is a must visit for those who just love collecting those beautiful jewelry pieces wherever they go. Alexis Bittar is a native Brooklyn based boutique that showcases bold, colorful jewelry accents that cater to a variety of looks ranging from the punk-rock star to the pretty-girl. They produce some of the most beautiful precious stone jewelry you will ever see.
The pieces found here are memorable and amazingly beautiful. They include hand-carved, hand-painted Lucite, pearls, delicate beaded pieces and semiprecious stones set in sterling silver. If you are seeking that unique earring, necklace or ring for that special individual in your life then this is the place to shop. Pieces are beautifully cut from semi-precious stones such as topaz, onyx, garnet, onyx and tourmaline. The store also show cases antique pieces that date back to the Victorian age.

2. Linda’s Bra Salon

Now every woman know how hassling it can be sometimes to find a bra that really fits while offering comfort. At the boutique you will Linda and her team of bra-fitters who are determined that every woman should be fitted with the right bra. Although packed from floor right through to the ceiling with bras, Linda’s Bra Salon captures the essence of female intimacy. With brands such as Le Mystere, Chantelle, Goddess and Princess Tam-Tam catering for women size 50 and over, and bras of every style and for every purpose, you know you are in for a treat. Stepping into Linda’s means stepping into bra adventure. Linda’s will also take care of your needs if you have that big day coming up and want be outfitted with sexy underwear.

3. Calypso au Marche

This boutique spells style and class from one corner to the next. Owner Chritiane Celle lives out her passion for St. Barts and invites her customers to do the same. From her flowing kurtas and silk-beaded skirts and dresses, to her candy-colored silk camisoles, the sheer love and attention that went into the selection and display of each piece cannot be missed. Christiane is a French native who demonstrates her flair for style through her upscale hippie-chic collections in the store. This is tastefully depicted in her choice of sarongs and patterned bikinis that truly evoke a sense of being on the island, so much so it can stir a feel of wanting to go to an island beach.
Calypso also carries a home store where class, style and taste are ever so evident. Here you will find an array of silver-plated lanterns from Tunisia, Indian printed pillows, French mohair quilts, and a variety of other unique smaller items that will delight.

Guest post contributed by Neil Willford for Stuffnads. Neil is a software freelance writer with a penchant for shopping in New York. His articles mainly appear on shopping blogs.


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