Love Your Furry Friend? Smart Reasons Why Having Dog Insurance Makes Sense

If you think about your family dog right now, you are almost guaranteed to have a smile on your face. Dogs are such wonderful companions and they bring so much joy to our lives. Your furry friend makes you laugh with his silly antics, cuddles up with you when you are sad, excitedly sniffs everything when on walks and is always there to greet you with a wagging tail whenever you return home.

So should you get dog insurance for your companion who makes your life so much better? The truth is that having insurance for your pet’s health is always a good idea. You never know when your dog could get sick or become injured and their medical treatment might be very expensive. Dog insurance can help you to afford the medical procedures that your dog might need so that they can stay healthier and live longer. Would you be financially prepared to pay the bills if your dog went through a medical emergency tomorrow?

We do a lot of other things to keep our dogs healthy, such as scrutinising pet food labels, giving them healthy treats and taking them for walks as often as possible. Why not also make sure that your dog is protected by insurance so that medical expenses will not ever become an issue?

Here are some of the main reasons why having dog insurance makes a lot of sense:

You Will be Able to Give Your Dog Preventative Maintenance

Just as humans do, dogs also need preventative maintenance to make sure that they are in optimum health. This includes check-ups, yearly shots, routine blood tests and teeth cleaning. However, some dog owners might not be able to afford the preventative yearly costs of these treatments. Having dog insurance can help you to cover these preventative costs so that you can make sure that your dog is in good health and that any health problems are spotted quickly. Having dog insurance makes it much more likely that you will take your pet to the vet for the care it needs.

You Can Treat Your Dog if They Develop a Chronic Illness

As your dog grows older, they become more and more likely to develop a chronic illness. They can develop many of the same diseases that humans do, such as cancer, diabetes and other treatable illnesses. However, if they have the right treatments and medications they can survive for many years with these conditions. Having pet insurance will help you to be able to afford the costs of treating your pet if they have an on-going illness.

You Can Never Predict When Your Dog Becomes Injured

You might have a completely healthy young dog that gets all of her regular check-ups and does not suffer from any diseases, but she could be struck by a car, bitten by another dog or wild animal, fall down the stairs, eat something dangerous or have any number of unpredictable accidents. If you have dog insurance, you will be able to pay for the treatment and recovery of any injury to your beloved animal companion and make sure that they are back on their feet as soon as possible.

You Will Have Peace of Mind to Choose the Best Option

Having insurance for your dog will allow you to select the best option for your ill or injured companion based on the best medical treatment available rather than being restricted by your income. You will be able to afford the treatment that your pet needs, even if it is the most expensive and best quality option. Compromising on quality for the sake of price might affect the recovery of your furry friend, so make sure that you have the financial peace of mind to give them the best treatment possible.

It is an Easier Way to Manage Your Pet Care Costs

A dog insurance policy can be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or even semi-annually. You are able to decide which option works the best for you. Rather than having a large veterinary bill surprise you when you are not prepared for it, you can easily adjust your monthly budget so that you spread the costs of pet maintenance over the course of the year.

This makes your dog care costs a lot easier to budget for and helps you to manage your expenses in your own way.

You Will Also be Covered for Liability

If your dog causes any loss, damage or injury to another person, your dog insurance will cover you for the legal liability. This can be very important in such a circumstance, as legal bills and compensation claims can be incredibly expensive.

These are just a few of the reasons why having dog insurance for your four legged companion makes a lot of sense. Don’t leave things up to chance; make sure that you are covered today!

Having dog insurance is always a good idea, as you never quite know what will happen and it is smart to be prepared so that you can keep your furry friend safe and healthy.


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