Your Clothing, is it Crossing the Line?

There is always a line between being casual and being formal.  We are all familiar with this balance, but for some reason, often times we make mistakes.

Proper Mindset

Put things into their proper place; when you are at work, you are at work.  You have to dress appropriately (formal and business) and not casually. If you are a bit adventurous, that could be okay if you can strike a balance between being casual and being a professional, but if you ever wonder whether your outfit is appropriate or not, chances are it’s not.

Sweats and Workout Clothes are a No-No!

Sweats and workout clothes are meant for the gym. Yes, they are extremely comfortable and it is very tempting to wear them, however wearing these types of clothes sends a clear message saying, “I’m not serious about my job”. You might not mean to send this message, but the mere sight of workout clothes can give people the wrong idea of laziness. Wear workout clothes at the gym and wear work clothes in the office, even if your office doesn’t have any dress-code rules.

Mini-skirts and Flashy Pants, A Bit Too Much

In the business world, modesty is key. You might see it on TV, women wearing short skirts and men flashy pants, but in reality this type of clothing just distracts and does damage to your credibility. Keep it simple and modest. Modesty doesn’t mean you have to wear something that covers your whole body, or something outdated, it’s about keeping it simple, classy and less showy.

Flip-Flops, Major No-No

If your office is a beach, then wearing flip-flops is acceptable. But if not, better leave your flip-flops at home, no matter how cute or how expensive they are. Another reason why you should not take them with you to the office is they offer little support for your feet. Wearing sandals at the office is acceptable; however, it is advised for professionals to wear sandals with more structure and those that provide the feet with good support. Fisherman sandals are just one of the many examples out there.

Tight or Revealing Clothes

Nobody should restrict people from wearing the clothes that they want; however, if you are in the business world, what you wear can affect your entire career. Clothing is important as it gives clients, co-workers and consumers a sense of credibility. Wearing tight or revealing clothes can make your job harder because people assume you to play a certain role. If those kinds of clothes are your style then save them for your personal and social affairs, but not for work.

Old, Favorite Tees

Yes, we know you love and adore those T-shirts. As much as we all love wearing our favorite Tees, they are not business or office clothes. T-shirts that are stained, misshapen or just simply worn out are not acceptable attire. As well as tees that have strong, attractive, fancy logos and graphics are cute, but still not appropriate.

Our style is completely our own, no person in the world has the right to demean or criticize it. But once we enter the professional world, we follow certain standards, as these standards greatly affect our careers.

Don Williams is the contributor of this article. Don Williams gives tips and advices on clothing, hangers, and fashion both for casual wear and for business as well.


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  1. Jana Williams says:

    Hi, I Hope you are having a Great Day Today! I Can Totally Relate to this Post b/c I have a Really Hard Time Finding Clothes that Fit Properly! I am Really Tall and Curvy so Finding Clothes to fit me Right without them Looking to Tight or Revealing is Very Hard for me! I Remember School in the Summer Time if it was Really Hot I Would Wear Shorts to School! I Remember the Teacher or Principal would make you Stand Up Straight with your Hands to your Side & if your Shorts were any More than 2 inches than the Required Length than they would Send you Home! Well I was Really Tall & Skinny Back then but Shorts were Always Shorter on Me b/c I was Taller and they would Send me Home b/c of it! Well Shorts are Made Even Shorter Now Than they Were then, So I Don’t even Wear Shorts at All Anymore! Plus I am Really Fair Skinned so Nobody Wants to See my White Cellulite, So I Try to Spare Everyone from that Horror! Girls Nowadays Dress Like 26 yr olds with as Much Skin Showing as Possible but Half of them have Parents who Allow it! It’s Really Sad b/c Dressing Like that Sends Out Only One Message & Attracts Only One Type of Guy! I am Glad that Those Years are Far Gone for Me, and Nowadays I Wear What is the Most Comfortable! Thanks & Have a Blessed Day! Jana