5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas You Probably Won’t See On TV

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa Claus will soon be dropping by to give your child a lovely gift. He can’t do it on his own because he’s been busy this year, so you’re going to have to send him some great suggestions. I’m sure your little angel’s eyes have been glued to the television adverts over the last few weeks. With the weeks counting down they seem to get more and more excited whenever they see a new toy flashing on the screen.

That’s what all those toy manufacturers want to happen. If you want to be a ‘good’ parent you’ll probably run out and get them what they want. It’s what we do, but you can still think outside the box and get a few extra goodies that will make additional stocking fillers. Things you won’t see on TV, but kids would really appreciate. There’s not long left, so let’s get your brain working by looking at some funky little gifts you can look into.

Their very own blog

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Did you know that you can buy your child their own domain name and start a blog about them? It could be something like – KurtSmith.com. Obviously not everyone can get the exact name, but you could always add a middle initial or hyphen. It’s very easy to buy and doesn’t cost much. Once you have it you can set up a blog, or get someone with some computer experience to show you how. Then you just need to add photos and they will have a cool way of remembering their younger days. It’s much better than keeping a photo album.

A toy tent

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Kids don’t need to go camping to make use of a tent. If they’re at the age where they like to play in cardboard boxes then a little tent is a great idea. They can put it up somewhere inside your home and camp out in it for the night. Even though their bed is 100x more comfortable they will think of it like an adventure. Perhaps they already make their own fort by dragging all the covers off the bed and hanging them up everywhere. Well once they have a tent they won’t need to do this anymore.

Gazing at the stars

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Every kid loves looking into the sky at night. It’s like staring into the unknown, but this experience could be made so much better if you buy them their own telescope. You don’t need to go crazy and buy them the best one on the planet, but something that lets them take a closer look at what’s out there will definitely go down well. Just don’t let them point it in the neighbor’s window.

A big kite

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Kite’s are more of an old school toy. You don’t see much kids playing with them these days because they’re inside playing their new Xbox game, but they are still fun and something you should have in the collection for when you take them to the park. If your child is still small you probably don’t want to get the biggest one possible, otherwise you might have to run after them as they get dragged along the ground. Learning to fly a kite is fun and they’ll love it.

Starting a collection

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I have no idea what kind of things your children will be into, but I’m sure there’s something you feel they might like collecting. For Christmas you could buy them something that starts their collection off, then you can slowly add to it as each birthday and Christmas comes around. Hopefully they will love their collection so much that they continue collecting well into their teens and eventually adulthood.

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