5 Fashion Staples Men can’t do Without

For the male of the species the world of fashion is not that complex. Unlike their counterparts, men get a quite easy deal when it comes to clothing and there are a number of great items men can have in their wardrobes that seldom go in or out of fashion.

These staples often are as suitable to wear nowadays as they were 20, 30 and even 40 years ago in some cases. Of course, the main thing with such staples is investment. If you purchase clothing that never goes out of style and also is well made and then cared for, you have a piece that lasts a long time. So, what are the must have pieces that last?

White Oxford Button Down Shirt

Probably the simplest piece of apparel that there is around and also one of the most versatile. A nice Oxford button down shirt can be worn across all occasions and teams up with shorts, as well as it does with slacks. It has seldom really changed in its style and once you make sure to treat it well and keep it white and bright, you have an item that is suitable for a wide range of occasions and for a long time too.


Not that we should have to point this out, but a good pair of blue jeans in a normal or a slightly slim cut will last the test of time. Purchase a good quality pair of jeans that suit your shape – this may involve a lot of trial and error, but it’s worth it. Avoid strange treatments, extremes of cut, such as slim or flared and always look for quality and you have jeans that will wear out after you do.

Polo shirt

This is another staple and one that has been around since the 1930s and was made part of the everyday wardrobe famously by Ralph Lauren. The polo shirt is another one of those items that can carry you whether at home, out and about with friends or playing…..well, polo. Pick high quality polo shirts in a good colour and you have an item that will carry you through all sorts of events with style and grace.

Khaki Pants

Like the polo shirt the khaki pant or chino is one of those items that came into popularity with the preppy look. However, it’s also a great item of clothing and goes with a wide range of different items of clothing and never really goes out or comes into style. The same rule of thumb comes into play here as it does for jeans. So find that fit.

Cashmere Sweater

This is one that it’s worth paying more for as it will be of endless use and also once treated well will last. Pick a neutral colour and do some research on how to properly care for wool – these jumpers like all the other clothing mentioned here, last and look great.

Choosing clothing for men is easy and once you pick the right fit and good solid staple items you have clothing for a long time to come.

Cormac Reynolds has a love of fashion and writes this article for UK clothing and fashion site Lyst.


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    I just wish I could get my husband to wear something other than jeans and tshirts.