5 Ways Manufacturers can make Cars more Green and Efficient

Sustainable transport is one of the buzz words of the times and there are plenty of innovative, technologically advanced ways manufacturers are going about increasing the green credentials of cars and the economic viability of the auto.

Of course, using alternative means of travel such as walking, biking and public transport helps; but there is still a lot of potential. Though cars are becoming increasingly green, hydrogen and other super green cars either are not economically viable to produce or simply don’t exist yet.

The progressive way to making cars greener is to start with the current technology and make it greener and there are plenty of ways manufacturers can currently do this – take a look.


The lighter a car or vehicle is, the less energy it takes to drive and the less fuel it burns. The simple way to achieve this is to make small, light, compact cars in the first place. The use of modern, strong but light materials also helps in this instance. The likes of aluminium and carbon fibre are a lot lighter than traditional materials and remove the unnecessary weight from cars.


Low rolling resistance tyres are currently added to a number of green cars. However, there are plenty cars that don’t have them and could do with them. These tyres produce less friction and the car doesn’t have to make as much effort to move. Other important additions are tyre pressure gauges in car that inform people whether the tyres are over or underinflated.


Cars use a lot of energy to push them through the air’s resistance. Better aerodynamics mean a car can do so more smoothly and with less drag. This makes a car easier to push and means the engine has to create less energy to do so. In turn this means that cars use less fuel.


Most cars nowadays are microchips on wheels and there have been significant improvements in software that can make all the difference to car’s efficiency. These can really help with fuel economy. For instance MPG indicators that offer feedback on when to change gear, or sat navigation systems that show you the best way to drive to avoid traffic. There are even programs that help with fuel economy directly depending on traffic and the way you drive. The more honed these become the better this will be for car’s economy, whether owned or under car leasing.

Gear Boxes

The manual gearbox is notably better than its auto equivalent and has been for a long time. However, the tables are turning and CVT transmissions with dual clutches are giving the auto box the upper hand. Add to this increased gears in cars and you see the rise in efficiency being something autos are stronger with.

Cormac Reynolds writes for First Vehicle Leasing who provide car leasing in the UK to a wide range of businesses


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