Fun and Festive Ensembles To Dress Your Pup In This Christmas!

dog christmas Fun and Festive Ensembles To Dress Your Pup In This Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year for fun, frivolity and spoiling your loved ones with gifts. For those with pets, it’s only natural to want to include them in the festive celebrations; one of the best ways to do this is by dressing up your beloved pooch in a Christmas-themed costume. These costumes come in a whole host of styles, so you can dress your dog up as Santa, a reindeer, a snowman or even an elf if you want.

Practical and pretty

Not only are these costumes very cute, but they’re also warm, making them ideal for those who need to take their pets for walks in the snowy weather. If there’s ice on the ground, there are also red glitter socks which can be put over your doggy’s paws to keep them toasty as they walk. Although dog costumes are a great way to add some festive silliness to your Christmas celebrations, it’s nice to know that they do have a practical aspect to them as well.

If you’re the owner of a loveable but temperamental dog who isn’t a fan of wearing elaborate Christmas costumes, you may want to consider dressing them up using festive accessories; a pair of Rudolf ears, or a pair of red pompoms to add to their collar will look great and won’t annoy them too much! Another option is a Christmas collar; there are plenty of diamante red and green collars which are perfect for the festive season and what’s more, these sparkling pieces can be coordinated with your own Pearl and Butler earring jewelery!

Christmas-themed dog sweaters are another option, which serve as a middle ground between costumes and accessories; these come in a huge variety of colours and styles, with snowflake, Christmas tree and Santa Claus prints. If you can’t find a suitable one for your pet, you can sew your own fabric cut-out prints onto a plain dog sweater instead.

Boy and girl dog Christmas outfits

Christmas dog costumes can also be suited to your pets gender; for instance, girl dogs will look adorable in a doggy dress during Christmas time; you can dress her in a deep red coloured velvet dress and add some glittery green bows to her hair for added pizzazz. Boy dogs on the other hand, will look terribly handsome in a black doggy vest with a red and green colour tie. There are also ‘Santa Paws’ suits, which come complete with a beard to make your pet look suitably Christmassy. For those who own both male and female dogs, there are also Mrs Santa Paws suits, so the two pets can match each other!

With the rise of doggy costumes in the last decade or so, there is really no end to the ways you can make your pet ready for the festive season. It’s a great way to add some light-hearted fun to your Christmas celebrations and the family photographs with your dressed-up pooch will keep you laughing at the memories for years to come.

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