Having an Affordable, Luxury Christmas

As household budgets get tighter these days grocery shoppers can rise to the Christmas challenge without overspending. With savvy shopping and basic culinary skills people can carry on the Christmas spirit of sharing and good cheer.

Christmas Menus and Food Shopping List

Browsing the Internet and making selections are all it takes to plan affordable yet sumptuous meals over the holiday season. People can choose from several Christmas meal plans and customise the recipes to suit their family size and individual tastes. For added convenience the shopping list and recipe ingredients are available, and customers can even shop for all the items online.

Complete meals are laid out, from appetisers, main courses and side dishes to dessert. Entrees for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day can be mixed and matched according to individual preferences. Inspiring ideas and recipes are also offered for light-calorie meals, as well as party hors d’oeuvres.

Delicious recipes for leftovers make sure that nothing goes to waste. For example the remains of the roast turkey from Christmas dinner can be wonderfully transformed into a delicious turkey pasta bake. To make the most of the holiday meal plans and extend the life of leftover dishes, read more at Live Well For Less online.

Christmas is made sweeter with delectable desserts. The English classic Christmas pudding, filled with fruits and doused with brandy, makes a delightful end to a holiday meal.

If relatives or friends unexpectedly turn up during the holiday week there are affordable ingredients which can be made into easy recipes at short notice. Lots of recipes and money-saving party ideas can be found online.

Holiday Deals and Discounts

Smart shoppers take advantage of generous deals and discounts during the run up to Christmas. Buy party food in advance and  stock up on groceries with longer shelf life. Customers may place an advance order up to three weeks ahead and book a one-hour delivery slot so that ingredients arrive fresh.

There are hundreds of great offers, such as half price, buy one get one free, mix and match and other discounts. When added up, bargain prices really make a substantial difference in the household’ food shopping bill. Read more online at Live Well For Less.

Holiday Budgets

Have a maximum figure in mind, and stick to the budget. Plan ahead to avoid impulse buying, Before preparing the menu and shopping list, first take an inventory of the items in the cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. Check expiry dates and use the items for holiday recipes while they’re still good.

Resourceful and creative planning will stretch the household Christmas budget and allow time for the hosts to relax and enjoy the holidays.

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