Holiday Gift List: 10 New Year Wedding Shoes for Him and Her

The New Year has an extra new for all, a ‘New’ world, spared by the Mayans. But for those who are going to get married in the coming year, a new life is going to get added to the two ‘New’. Though wedding dresses have not seen any considerable changes this year, plenty of new designer shoes for both the bride and the groom have arrived in the market.

A best gift a bride or groom can get this holiday season will be a pair of wedding shoes, just to fit their style, comfort and celebration.


1.  Peep Toes

Forget the traditional peep toes with a bow in the front. The new shoes are now trendy, and come decorated with embossed floral, tribal and other designs customized according to the wearer’s wishes. The traditional bow design is now being replaced with metallic and fabric floral designs, with eloquent gems embellished onto it.

2. Strappy

Brides with extra confidence can now go for strappy shoes, with which only a little of their foot will be covered. What’s more, like the peep toes, the strappy designs too are coming with pearls and stones.

3. Platform

What once was a craze among the cat walking models is now the favorite for many brides, especially amongst those who wish to portray themselves as a little taller and none the wiser.

4. Crystal Encrusted

Brides are getting ready to go flashy this new year, with crystal encrusted shoes, which makes the wedding brighter, chirpier, and definitely something straight out of the Vogue. These types of shoes are rich looking, comfortable, trendy and gaining popularity rapidly.

5. Low-heel and flat shoes

History will repeat itself. The olden days when the flat and low-heel shoes were the heartthrobs of many brides, are again gaining the same kind of response recently from the young people.

All these shoes are available in silk, leather and satin. Also, apart from the traditional white color, shoes can be bought in pink, blue and any other color that best suits the bride.


1. Lace up

A perfect groom is always pictured with laced up formal shoes, and this hasn’t just stopped with imagination alone. Lace ups were, are, and, probably, will be the top most favorite among the grooms- Neat, perfect, and yet stylish. Handmade is trending the marriage markets so if you want to groom for the wedding, nothing can quite look more sophisticated.

2. Toe Cap

Toe Cap shoes are a different kind of lace up shoes, with a more classic look. This could be the perfect fit for any colored suits and what’s more, brogue details can be seen in the toe caps of some shoes from all leading brands.

3. Slip on

These are simple, neat and comfortable.  Bearing the same looks as their laced counterparts, these save time whenever they are removed or put on. This too is coming with brogue punches, an ideal gift for any groom who can’t wait to get stylish.

4. Brogue Punched

This could be a bold statement for any groom who wants to inject a fashion statement into his style quotient. Tanned leather which is often a darker shade of brown, is ruling the charts with its aged designs while black is gaining its lost popularity again with modernistic shoe designs.

5. Suede

If the groom is so determined to make his fashion statement, then this could be the one he is looking for. This one is mostly apt for summer weddings, but when worn in a wedding, you’re bound to attract the much needed attention.

Brides or Grooms, the celebrations are double if they are getting married in the New Year day. Shopping rush is not a problem to choose the best fit, because we live in a world of technology. So, online shopping in some of the leading online stores is just what is needed to make the perfect gift for the wedding couple this New Year.

This guest post is written by Adam. Along with providing some great shoe suggestions for various occasions, his all time favorite are the Clarks shoes which has a wide range of classic boots for both men and women.


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