How to Get Out of Bed On Time, Every Time

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It’s a dance most of us are familiar with and that most of us go through on a daily basis. The alarm rings, we turn over, we press the snooze button, we go back to sleep. Ten minutes later, the alarm buzzes again, we turn over, we press the snooze button, we go back to sleep. This then occurs anywhere up to ten times before eventually we either wake up – over an hour later than intended – or accidentally-on-purpose hit ‘off’ instead and end up sleeping another two hours. At the time this feels like a victory until we wake up and realise that we’re now several hours late for whatever it was that we wanted to do and that we’ve squandered the main part of the day. We will now spend the rest of it in a sleepy haze trying to catch up and not having any time as a result to do anything we would want to spend the day doing. Yeah, nice one.

This then is an area that needs to be addressed, and it’s important to try and think of ways that you can improve your ability to wake up on time if you want to get the most from your days and if you want to really improve yourself and your situation. Here are some ways you can accomplish this that can prove very effective.

Focus on Why

One thing you can do to help yourself get out of bed is to focus not on how you’re feeling now, but how you’ll feel later if you don’t get up – regretful, groggy and rushed. Think about this when the alarm goes off, and you’ll find yourself much more likely to find the energy to jump out of bed.

Jump Up Right Away

Likewise you should also jump up right away as soon as your alarm goes off. That means not jumping up two minutes later, or having even one snooze. Recognize that asking to snooze for ten minutes isn’t going to make any difference to your wellbeing, and that it’s just an excuse (you can survive perfectly well on four hours sleep for a few days and once you get into the rhythm you’ll start naturally going to bed earlier). Don’t take excuses, just get up.

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Leave Notes

The problem is that when you wake up you often don’t feel much like ‘focussing on how you’ll feel’ or dismissing your normal excuses and as such you will probably find yourself not doing it. To avoid this problem, write some notes to yourself and leave them on your bedside table so that as soon as you wake up you are presented with ‘There’s no excuse to roll over, if you do that you will only feel WORSE tomorrow’.

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Make Coffee

I have a teas maid that you can set with an alarm. Before I started living with my very convincing girlfriend I would use this to wake me up by setting the alarm to make me a fresh cup of coffee in the morning – in the kitchen. When I woke up I’d hear it gurgling away and I’d know that it would go cold if I didn’t get up and get it right away and this would be a big added incentive to climb out of bed. That and I would drink it watching Frasier.

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Address Problems

If you are still struggling to get out of bed then it may be that you are in fact ‘hiding’ from the day ahead. Use hypnotherapy or counselling to get to the bottom of why and make sure to address the things you’re unhappy with in your life.

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