How to Save Energy When Working on Construction Projects

If you run a construction company and do a lot of physical labour then you’ll probably come home at the end of each day feeling exhausted (or at least your staff will). Throughout the day you’ll have expended huge amounts of energy on sawing, lifting, hammering and generally doing your work and most people who do this kind of work for a living will come in, have a cold beer, and then collapse onto the sofa for the rest of the night.

But while this might be at the forefront of your mind it’s important to recognize that it’s not just you who will be using up a lot of energy. At the same time it will also be all the tools and equipment you use which will run off of the mains and require a lot of energy as a result. And while you might enjoy the chance to let the machines do the work for a bit, it’s important to remember that this has a cost to – not only to your wallet but also to the environment. Making sure to minimize your energy usage when working then is very important both from a moral standpoint and a business one. Here we will look at how you can do that.

Do Things Yourself

There are some jobs where you won’t need to use your electrical appliances and power tools and in these cases you will be better off just putting in a little elbow grease or getting a colleague to help if necessary. For instance if you are using a power drill to hang up pictures then this is something you could do just as easily in some cases with a regular hammer and nail or just a screwdriver. Likewise don’t use a chain saw when you can use a regular saw just as easily.

Use the Most Efficient Machines

The machinery you buy should also be the most energy efficient option available in each case. For instance then if you are using a power drill, then make sure that you look into which power drill has the best battery life. Likewise you might be able to save more energy by using solar powered devices in some cases (such as lights), or even air compressors to power pneumatic devices. These still use electricity to generate the pneumatic power, but this is still cheaper to run than say an electric jackhammer.

Work Efficiently

If you are using a power tool for a job like breaking up the patio then it’s important to plan how you are going to go about that in order to use the minimum amount of power. This means looking at a logical system that will allow you to cover all the surface area in the minimum amount of time and it means making sure that you turn it off promptly when you’re finished. Using the right tool for the job is also important of course.


Transport will be a big cost when it comes to working on projects and if you are travelling there and back every day this can really rack up. Make sure that you are driving in an eco-efficient manner, and consider renting nearby accommodation for projects that are located out of the way.

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