Online Guide – Finding the Best Deals On Used Cars

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to upgrade to a brand new car. For many, it simply doesn’t make sense. The reality is that within the first 5 years, a brand new car loses around 50% of its value in depreciation. The much simpler and the sensible option is buying used. Let others worry about depreciation and get a great deal on a second hand motor! The question is where are the best places to look?

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Where Not To Look!

Without trying to be negative, there are places that are worth avoiding; car dealerships. They get trade-ins at around 30% below their value. They add around 25% onto the value of the value, selling a customer a car that is well over priced. Of course, many are sold expecting dealer cars to be well serviced and have a decent warranty; not the case. A dealer’s warranty is not worth much and the service is likely to be a check over that takes less than an hour, hardly worth the extra 25%!

Auction Sites

Auction sites offer a great opportunity for UK consumers to pick up some great deals on cars. Auctions are a legally binding contract, but that shouldn’t put consumers off. For those that plan on bidding, go and view the vehicle beforehand to check it is what the seller says it is. Even if a buyer doesn’t look beforehand, they can back out (under the terms of a contract) if the vehicle is not as the seller described. Of course, the simpler option is to arrange a viewing and offer a price when viewing the vehicle. The seller will usually oblige, simple because eBay UK charge a large fee for selling vehicles.

Online Ads

There are hundreds of classified ads websites online. One of the very biggest is It might not be a dealership, but there are plenty of people offering their cars for sale. Luckily for buyers, the readership of car buyers is not particularly high, so sellers are unlikely to get much interest. This obviously means that buyers have the opportunity to get a great deal. Haggle on price beforehand to save a wasted trip and see what deals are available. Remember, when good deals appear, they will go extremely quickly, as a lot of car dealers check these sites regularly, for this very reason.

Local Ads

Look out for local ads on cars and in newspapers and/or magazines. Although the prices of cars locally might be more in comparison to a few deals found online, sometimes price isn’t the main factor. For instance, if a buyer desperately needs to replace their car, it might be that it makes sense to buy one locally that is easy to get to. Having a friend or family member take a buyer 100+ miles to view a car that might not even be purchased is not just a lot of time; it’s a lot of wasted fuel as well! Local ads essentially, provide people with the option that is convenient, rather than the cheapest.

There are still great ways to save money, although most turn out to be fruitless. Avoid dealers that charge ridiculous prices for vehicles that can be easily found elsewhere. Get comparisons on car insurance, to make sure the particular vehicle is not going to be expensive to ensure. From here, check auctions sites, online ads and local ads.

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