Petjamas – Pajamas for Your Pillow Toy Review

DSCN0671 300x168 Petjamas   Pajamas for Your Pillow Toy Review

I recently had the awesome opportunity of going to the Chicago Toy and Game Expo.  While there, I had the opportunity to meet with many new game designers and toy makers.

One of the companies that gave me a sample to review right away was Snuggle Time Toys – the makers of Petjamas.  They are changeable, washable covers for your kid’s favorite plush pillow toy.

I was immediately drawn to their booth.  It was colorful and I saw that it had something to do with those ever popular pillow toys, which all of my kids love (even my teenagers).  So, I went over to them and introduced myself.  They were amazing and friendly and all kinds of awesome.

They offered me a green Petjamas to review, which I thought would be perfect for my son’s stuffed turtle pillow, but he wanted it for his lady bug instead (I think he was embarrassed that someone gave him a lady bug LOL), so this was the perfect thing to hide the little lady within!

DSCN0673 Petjamas   Pajamas for Your Pillow Toy Review

I love these!  They have so many great uses.  They fit snugly on the pillow toy and have closures to keep it in place, but leave space for you to stick their little head out and even a hole in the back if they have a tail.  Because my son loves to sleep with his pillow toys, I worry about how dirty they are getting and germs and such, but with Petjamas, I don’t have to worry.  I can just slip it off and wash that, instead of worrying about cleaning the whole toy.  There is a little handle on the top, which makes it easy for them when carrying them over to grandma’s house or a sleepover.  Also, there are little pockets, which I think would make perfect spots for that newly lost tooth waiting for the Tooth Fairy!  It is very soft and extremely well made and durable.

These would make great stocking stuffers and I highly recommend you get one for the little one in your life today!  They come in many colors and they have sizes for the larger pillow toy, as well as the small one.

You can order them directly from their website.


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