The Top Ways to Save Money When Moving Home

If you’re moving home then you need to be ready for a lot of money to change hands. For most of us buying and selling property are the largest transactions we will ever play a part in, and that can make this quite a nerve wracking prospect – particularly for first time buyers who aren’t making any money from selling anything.

As such then it’s very important to think about how you can reduce the cost of moving home and make this exchange as affordable as possible. If you manage this then you will alter the course of your finances for decades or potentially the rest of your life and save yourself potentially thousands. And this doesn’t just mean saving money on the cost of the home itself either, there are many other small ways you can save money that will add up. Read on and we’ll discuss a couple of these…

Move Your Things Yourself

When you are moving out it’s not just you and your family who is changing property – it’s also all of your items and possessions and this is what makes it such an upheaval. Of course one solution is to use a moving company which most people will do – but that’s quite a lot of money to spend. Instead then, look at borrowing a van from a friend or family member and then see if you can’t load and unload it yourself.

Get Rid of Things

And to make this easier still? Just throw out a lot of your things. This will make it more viable for you to move yourself, but if you sell some of those items you’ll also make some of your money back. This is a fresh start, and decorating a home with new things is a lot of fun so be a bit ruthless.

Avoid Crossover

If you’re currently renting a property then every day you wait to move into your new property you’ll be losing a lot of money. Make sure then that you avoid too much cross over by negotiating a moving in date with the sellers that coincides with the end of your contract.

Find Cheaper Services

When you move home you’ll be employing a lot of professional services from settlement agents to surveyors. These of course cost you a fee, so do shop around and see if you can’t find some of them more cheaply and that way make quite a large saving on your home.


No matter what property you find chances are you’ll be able to get the asking price down at least slightly. Use a professional property broker to make a big saving here.

Get a Better Mortgage

Getting a cheaper mortgage of course will save you a lot of money over the years and decades you’ll be paying it. So make sure to shop around, but also to make sure you have a healthy looking credit history before you begin.

Deposit More

Saving all this money should allow you to make a larger deposit on the property. This might seem like an unnecessary expense, but in fact it will save you a lot of money in the long run and is a very savvy investment.

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What Others Have Said:

  1. Catherine Shaw says:

    We threw out so much before we made a move two years ago. And you know what? We could have thrown out more, because we wound up getting rid of more stuff after we made the move and realized the stuff just wouldn’t fit …

  2. Tricia Hope says:

    Since my daughter is only moving a short distance,I will recommend this to her.She has her wedding 41 days after the move and she is very stressed.

  3. Dianna Davis says:

    I have to agree on many of you points– We threw so much away almost another house hold. But I was so luck our church took alot to furnish their half way house. We did the large deposit thing– it was saving extra payment in the long run. It also brought our price down for monthly payments. THat really helped