Tips for Shopping Wide Width Shoes for Women

It is very essential to get the accurate size of shoes by picking the right pair of shoes which will fit your feet comfortably. 80% of women find it problematic to make the right selection when it comes to shoes. For those who have ever tried to shop for a couple of wide width shoes in your neighbourhood market place, it’s conceivable to have ended up with throbbing feet.

However, in the past few years, stylists have started to target shoe requirements of millions of women around the world. You can practically find any flair, colour, design and even shoes from any of the top stylists. As long as the shoes are of good quality, you can purchase them from any shoe brand or shoe marketing companies. There are a few guidelines which one should keep in mind before buying wide width shoes.

Confirm that you are getting accurate length and precise width

While purchasing any footwear, please confirm that you are getting the accurate length as well as the precise width of your feet. To check that you have the correct size, place your heels inside the foot cup; your foot must fit inside the ends of the shoe with a few millimetres in the front as well as the back of your foot.

Your toes and heels should not trace the edge of your sandals while your feet are placed upright in them. The delineations of the foot drip should trail the bends of your foot.

Know your size

Many women feel pain and discomfort because they don’t know their precise shoe size. Remember that the accurate width is essential. A couple of wide fit shoes could mark all the modifications required for comfort.

Avoid ankle strap

When selecting women’s wide sandal shoes, one should elude a prominent style with ankle strips. While these types of shoes look amazing on many women, they can make a women’s leg look lumpy and give the feet a broader feel. As an alternative, a strap going round the back and one diagonally at the top would be a much enhanced option but even these should be slender.

Material should be good

Material is also an imperative contemplation while spending on women’s extensive sandal shoes. Sandals made up of thick leathers should be evaded. Leather can possibly be used but the sandal must be made with darker shade and the strips should be squeaky. To make the feet look smaller and thinner, brighter colour leather and dense straps should be eluded.


Support is another significant feature for wide width shoes. Frequently, women feel slightly unstable in usual sandals as the size of the shoes is not actually made for wide feet. The shoe needs to deliver good provision with lenient and contented heels and strips. To make it stress-free to walk in sandals, this would support in stability so the feet and even the spine and hips are not overwrought.

Wedge sandals are an inordinate choice for women’s wide sandal shoes. This flair has the provision required for broader feet yet the look is totally chic and fashionable. It comes in numerous styles, tints and accompaniments so that you can select whatever looks great.

This guest post is authored by Adam Livermore. He helps provide useful footwear shopping tips and suggest a website for the wide range of cheap sneakers which are often priced 20-60% below retail.


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  1. Deborah D says:

    I wear braces so I have to purchase wide width shoes. This has helped me immensely. I love the fact that I now know how to correctly shop for my shoes.