5 Space Saving Ideas {Guest Post}

5 Space Saving Ideas

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Space always seems to be at a premium. And even if we upgrade to a larger premises, chances are that once the initial euphoria wears off and we appreciate how much additional space we have, soon thereafter we feel that our space requirements are once again lacking. So what is a person to do in this never ending game of, “Why don’t I have more space?”

Before I give you five amazing space saving ideas, I’ll give you one on the house. I won’t include it on the list because it is only good and not amazing.

Before you even start to implement the amazing ideas, go through all your possessions and do a thorough spring clean. Who knows, you may even have enough things you no longer want to throw a garage sale and even earn a few dollars. It may take a few hours but I have no doubt that if you really try you will many items that you no longer require or want.

Are you seated, because we are about to embark on the amazing five:

  1. Digital Library this perhaps more than any other idea mentioned has the capabilities of saving you enormous amounts of space, especially if you have an extensive library and/or CD collection – convert your books and CDs to digital format. Just think about it, boxes and shelves full of disks and books can more than likely be stored on an iPad, Kindle, MP3, external hard drive, or any other compatible device – two devices with the cumulative space requirements of perhaps two books. I won’t get into the other benefits of keeping your books and music in this format but suffice to say they are numerous.
  2. Imaginative Shelving – you probably think that you have put in all the shelving you can but have you considered putting shelving on top of doors and up to the ceiling? Similarly, magnetic strips and hooks on the walls of your kitchen for you to store knives and pots/pans respectively free up valuable cupboard space in your kitchen for other items. When limited for space you have to think of every empty nook and cranny as a potential storage solution.
  3. Vacuum Bags – don’t laugh, it’s disrespectful! Why do you think these bags, advertised on infomercials seemingly since before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, continue to be advertised? I’ll tell you why – because people buy them, and people buy them because they work. OK, perhaps you can’t store a family of six and all their possessions in there, you can store a heck of a lot that frees up space for other purposes.
  4. Inside/Under – furniture with storage capacity such as coffee tables with a lid under which items can be stored or the area under a bed where items can be stored in plastic containers are great ideas for finding additional storage. Similarly, a box under the bed can be used to store beddings or anything else that takes your fancy.
  5. Boxes – if you are space constrained outdoor then you can’t go past a deck box. They are hardy, durable, waterproof, and weather resistant and can store an enormous amount of articles. They are also attractive as they come in a number of different colors. They are light and easy to assemble which means they can be placed in any place you feel is appropriate and may even be used as seating depending on how sturdy the model you buy.

After incorporating these ideas, who knows you may even feel like you have an overabundance of space…at least for a day or two.

Written by Sharon B.R on behalf of www.Keter.com who offer solutions for outdoor storage.


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  1. Sisters Marie says:

    i have always wanted to try those vacuum bags! great tips, thanks!

    Sisters Marie
    Start your kid’s closet on BTGTF!

  2. Awesome post, learned I have quite a few things to work on to get organized :)
    Cyndee Hill Wells/Rude Mom Blog recently posted..Bee Alive Royal Jelly ProductsMy Profile

  3. Catherine Shaw says:

    If there was no space under the bed, I’d be buried in junk!

  4. Maria Iemma says:

    I bought the vacuum bags however I do not think I bought the good ones because they deflated within a month and I had a mess of stuff in the closet. I have boxes under the bed but I need to de-clutter. Thanks for the tips

  5. We have to transfer old photos into digital files. We just have so many that we’ve put it off because organizing it will take a while. I definitely appreciate the tip about sorting through and getting rid of unwanted things to reduce clutter. We’ve never used vacuum or air-sealed bags, but I think those would be handy for items that are kept in storage and not readily needed. An outdoor shed is something that we’ve considered buying to store outdoor equipment and other gardening tools. Things we can’t fit into the garage.

  6. Those are good ideas. Over the years we’ve acquired so much stuff. I really need to sort through and donate, sell, just do something!

  7. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Love the space saving ideas always looking for great ideas.