8 Tips To Host The Best Movie Night In Your Own Home

Everyone loves movies, and everyone loves movie nights – there’s nothing quite as good for bonding as a movie night, after all. If you host a good movie night in your home, you could go down in history; but if you host a terrible one, the same thing could happen.

When it comes to hosting any silver screen affair in your home, there are a few things you can do to ensure it is a success. Here are eight tips to host the best movie night of your life…all in the comfort of your own home.

1. Buy plenty of nibblies and plenty of drinks.

You don’t want to run out during the middle of a movie. If you have loads of healthy snacks on hand you’re preventing any drunken mishaps, and keeping your friends pleasantly full.  Make sure the menu is fit for Hollywood royalty. Treat yourself and your friends to a wonderful night.

2. Don’t forget the alcohol!

Someone heading on a beer run might miss a part of the movie, so make sure you stock up. You don’t want to find the liquor store closed, after all! Choose some champagne, beer, wine and spirits with mixers, but also make sure to have plenty of alcohol-free alternatives, and loads of water. Keep your guests hydrated.

3. Play a sneaky drinking game.

Get the wine out and make up your own rules, or alternatively, Google a drinking game for the respective movie you’re watching. From a Lord of the Rings drinking game to a Mean Girls drinking game, there’s surely something to suit your (alcohol) needs.

4. Add a bit of glamour.

Encourage your guests to dress up like it was the red carpet! This might be with statement jewellery on top of a plain dress, or they might dig out their ugly formal dresses from years gone by. Whatever the theme make sure everyone’s feeling beautiful, just like one of the stars.

5. Why not borrow a red carpet?

Have your friends strut their staff and even take photographs. You’re the paparazzi and they’re glamourous.

6. Make predictions.

What’s going to happen in the movie? Who’s going to die? Take a ballot during the movie and each chip in a few dollars; whoever is right (or closest to) at the end wins. It’s the perfect way to encourage engagement and conversation about the film.

7. Set up the room.

Keep the television centre-stage and make sure there’s plenty of leg room and table room. You want people to have coasters to keep their drinks and to have food only an arm’s length away. You could even use a dimmer switch to add a bit of atmosphere.

8. Have plenty of comfy chairs.

You want your guests to be comfortable (after all, movies go for two or three hours) so you want to have plenty of chairs and cushions. When you’re watching the movie, you want prime television, make sure to save the best seat for yourself.

Jenna Yureps’ new piece of real estate is fit for a fancy Oscars night this year. She lives in Sydney, New South Wales with her cat Myles.


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  2. I like your movie night tips. Heck, I’d like to come over and watch a movie at your house. It sounds like you are well stocked up with the essentials and everyone has a great time!