If Your Pets Could Tweet During Your Travels

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What if your pets can tweet their complaints away when traveling with you? Most choose to bring their pets along with them. This gives them a light-hearted feeling that is enough to make them withstand the irritating traffics and body-numbing long trips. In as much as you are all prepped up for road adventure, you might be overlooking some pointers to consider when tagging your Garfield or Fido with you. I want to know what they can possibly be tweeting about me for being such a pain-in-the-neck jerk just because of the hassles I have caused them! I think, you do too!

Oh no! Your car is making me sick, man!

Is this your pet’s first time to ride a car? If it is, make sure you get him accustomed to it first. You don’t want to be startled when they instinctively bite or scratch you because you stepped on the brakes, right? Do yourself a favor by ensuring that they are properly-vaccinated as well. Check their reactions while driving your sedan. Some might drool non-stop because they feel nauseous and might throw up any time.

Really? She forgot about my kit!

If you care enough to bring your toiletries with you, I hope you do not exclude that of your pet unless you are ready to scoop his poops from your car rug. Keep a full gear of his pooper scooper, waste bags, extra leash, portable water bowls and bottled water. Most importantly, bring his small first-aid kit and extra leash. If something unexpected happened, at least you have enough stuff with you that you can count on.

So you think you can GPS me, huh?

Have you attached an identification tag to your pet just in case he runs away to explore the unfamiliar terrain you visited? You don’t want to be mortified by knocking every house just to ask where your pet has gone to, right? The tag must have salient information such as your pet’s name, your name, address and contact details. However, it is even wiser to keep your pet strapped. No matter how complete these data-tags plunging their necklines are, if the finder felt so endeared by the charm of your Fido – you will never get to see him again.  Also, please microchip your pets!

No squeakies! You gotta be kidding me!

A dreadful long trip can make Fido anxious inside a vehicle. Never allow him to place his head out of the window. He might hurt himself by any sharp object that can come swiftly passing by. He may also be prone to an inner ear damage or lung infections. Instead, you can bring his all-time favorite chewy toys – his squeakies! Bring as well his comfy pillow so he can behave well inside the car.

I am freaking hungry! My intestines are killing me!

Make sure you feed him a two to three hours before heading off out of town, maybe more if he tends to get nauseous in the car (see a vet about this if he does, as there are treatments). Avoid feeding him in a moving vehicle. If you are going on a multiple day trip, stop and park the car in one area and feed him outside. Be sensitive to his body language and give him time to have his bathroom breaks.

I’m all bruised up here. I am sure as hell that I need my vet!

Rocky terrains can be awfully dizzy to them so better be ready with a comfortable crate you can place them in. Make sure you buckle them up. Apprehensive pets tend to circle around you – fleeting away your focus on the wheels. You don’t want to end up in an accident or worse to have your pet thrown like a cannon ball after a possible collision.  Yes, they make straps that will buckle into your seat belts.  They strap onto the collar or harness and right into the buckle of your seat belt.

Are you crazy?!?! Do you really want to fry me up here like a real hotdog?

Do not leave your pet alone in the car even if it would just be for a short time. Owners underestimate the time they will be away from their pets. The moment you see your favorite Slurpee in a convenient store – you might be all mesmerized to purchase more and forget your poor pet that you have left behind. Regardless if it is summer or winter, the ruthless temperature can either scorch them or freeze them to death.

As responsible stewards of your lovable pets, make sure you have everything checked. I bet, you do not want to them to experience these possible inconveniences that can be equally bothersome for you, too. Have a great bonding trip!


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What Others Have Said:

  1. Nena Sinclair says:

    When I read the title of this post, I thought it would be just all in fun, but the points made here are all very valid! Thanks for the info!

  2. Vanessa E says:

    Thanks for the motion sickness tip. its very smart to have them eat a few hours before travel to avoid those icky mistakes. Very smart to keep them strapped down and avoid an accident!

  3. David Fultner says:

    I enjoyed the BLOG. My dog just pucks on me.

  4. lol, Glad he can’t tweet huh. Something about someone being able to tweet my mistakes or attempts to keep thing orderly is a scary idea. http://www.thesavingswife.com

  5. My dog gets sick every single time we take him for a car ride. I can’t even imagine what he would tweet…

  6. This is such a cute post…. Good Travel Tips. Kingers loves to travel – we make a point to stop at waysides and give him a break from the trip. I get so mad when I see a animal in a hot car – I have called the police! No reason for that!

  7. Such good advice. So many forget the basics when traveling with pets. Never, never leave pet in car is top on list.

  8. Very good advice. So important to remember the basics when traveling with pets.

  9. April Farley says:

    LOL! This piece made me chuckle so many times! Our doggie goes everywhere with us. He has severe separation anxiety. The hard part is that he also is scared of rising in vehicles. However his fear of being left alone is greater than that of the car. So he goes. He really is coming along. We have had him 2 years now. He was thrown from a moving car. That is why he is scared of cars. Enough time has past to build trust with us that we would NEVER do that to him. In the past 6 months or so he seems to get a little excited about heading out for a ride. I often try to think about riding from his perspective. I think you hit the nail on the head with many of these points. lol!

  10. Lori D. says:

    My cat wouldn’t be a happy camper! He’d probably tweet an evil plan against me for revenge! HAHA!!!

  11. Irina G. says:

    Thank you for such a cute post!)
    I can’t even imagine what my cat would tweet.))

  12. I love all the great tips,but the squeaky toy might become a nightmare in such a close compartment for all.I guess some dogs will give it up but not ours.It would squeak all the way there and back non-stop.LOL

  13. Payton Dockery says:

    My cat would say…”Day ‘whatever’ of my captivity…”

  14. Alison Gibb says:

    We went on a trip with my dog, Sam, to Maine many years ago. We took him in the car many prior to this trip. We thought he had gotten over the pukes. It was a two hour drive. We drove for 1 hour and 55 minutes and he did great. As we were pulling into the cottage driveway, he puked his brains out. Almost made it!!

  15. I can only being to imagine what my pets would say. LOL, they do like to travel, but my husband gets fed up with the extra time it takes at each rest stop. My big boy, Gabe, is a Service Dog, so he always goes with me. My little guy, Gung Poe Wigglebutt, doesn’t have access like Gabe does, but he wants to go whenever we leave the house.

  16. scarlett mills says:

    I totally thought this was a humor blog, but then after reading I realized that you had some really great tips on traveling. Thanks !

  17. If I had a dog and it could tweet, it’d be ahead of me. I’m not into all of that post, tell your every move thing. I get it. That’s the way people communicate now. I’m a bit older. That’s all.

  18. This was a humorous way to highlight the concerns that a pet can have while traveling. There’s a lot to take into consideration before the trip as well as while traveling, and prioritizing these will allow for a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone involved! It seems like it’s probably easier to think from the pet’s perspective to remember many of these important concerns and responsibilities.

  19. sherry butcher says:

    Good points and a fun way to get them across to readers. I did not think about feeding 3 hours before, good idea. TFS.

  20. Mine would be saying “Eat the air! Eat the air! Eat the air!” LOL

  21. bianca roman says:

    we’ve only gone to the pet stores and groomers with my dogs..never a lengthy trip of any kind..i know my big dog would love it though..and i’m sure she’d treat how hungry she is and how she’s dying and how we don’t feed her LOL.