New Guardians of the Galaxy Posters

I’ll be honest, I am new to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and don’t know much about the characters, but find them intriguing.  Here is what the press release had to say about them:  “Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” finds space adventurer Peter Quill the object of a bounty hunt after stealing an orb coveted by a treacherous villain, but when Quill discovers the power it holds, he must find a way to rally the quartet of ragtag rivals hot on his trail to save the universe.”  

And the characters look interesting enough!  Check out these posters!

guardians image007 New Guardians of the Galaxy Posters guardians image005 New Guardians of the Galaxy Posters guardians image003 New Guardians of the Galaxy Posters guardians of the galaxy image001 New Guardians of the Galaxy Posters



GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY opens in theaters everywhere on August 1st!

Keep checking my blog to learn more about this film!  I get updates all the time!



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  1. Spectre phang says:

    I just can’t wait to watch at the cinema!

  2. April Farley says:

    We can not wait to see this movie. I think it is going to be funny and action packed as well as endearing. Something for everyone.

  3. Linda romer says:

    I can hardley wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy. This looks like it will be a great movie. Love the posters.

  4. I haven’t had the chance to see this movie at the theater yet, but I’ve heard lots of good things about it from the standards of a superhero story. These posters really show how diverse the characters are! And how action-packed the movie is!

  5. The kids want to see this so badly. The posters are very cool!

  6. This was such a funny show! My kids would love these posters.

  7. I think the new posters look AWESOME!! My husband & son’s love the Marvel movies.

  8. Cheryl Rogers says:

    We enjoyed this movie so much! The kids came with us and even our teenagers too! They still talk about how fun and funny that movie was! Great music too!

  9. Stacey A Smith says:

    wow I just know that my nephew is going to want to see that movie.

  10. Ronald Gagnon says:

    I, like you, know nothing of the Guardians of the Universe, except that I thought their target market was a younger generation. It seems so violent, and the posters so cold and viscios for younger kids.

  11. I saw this movie and it was absolutely incredible. My favorite is Groot. Just an awesome character.

  12. These are awesome posters! I love the colors and the detail of them!

  13. Cheyrl Johnson says:

    The Guardians of the Galaxy was a pretty good movie.

  14. David Bill says:

    What great artwork on these posters. Really good film too.

  15. Sonya McAlister says:

    I love these posters. Some one has done an excellent job with the characters and love the colors they used on them.
    I don’t know alot about this movie either but heard alot good things about this movie

  16. Judy Thomas says:

    I watched this movie recently and it was awesome!

  17. Natalie Brown says:

    My husband and I love Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s so good. We especially like Thor. These posters are cool!

  18. This movie is a fave of my son’s!! I took him to the theatre to go see it!! It won nominations this week also!!!

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    Classy Claws Nail Blog!!

  19. Guardians of the Galaxy is a great movie, I really enjoyed watching it, I thought it was so funny. These are great posters, thank you for sharing this post.

  20. Robin W says:

    I’m right there with ya. I don’t know much, well anything, about Guardians of the Galaxy except that my son and husband are crazy about them. My son try’s to collect movie posters for his game room. These would be just perfect.

  21. Tamra Phelps says:

    this was a great movie! These posters are, as my nephew says, awesome!

  22. I love Marvel shows and try to see them. These posters are great and my great grandchild would love them.