Tips for Giving Your Home Curb Appeal

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Tips for Giving Your Home Curb Appeal

Never underestimate the impact that the curb appeal of your home can have. First impressions really do count and when your home has strong curb appeal, its value can markedly increase.

Keep in mind that, unless your home does look attractive and inviting from the street when it is up for sale, many potential buyers will not even bother to look inside. The very good news is that a number of quite straightforward things can be done to improve the appeal of your home when viewed from the street, without requiring you to spend an incredible amount of money.

1. Show that your Home is Secure, Without Detracting from its Appearance

Be well aware that people value a safe and secure home. Protecting your family and your belongings is important and a secure and safe home will appeal to buyers and tenants.

Home safety specialists, including  Stylewise Security , know that a well-protected home does not need to mean that ugly screens and locks are used. To the contrary, contemporary security measures can parallel the style of the home and increase its appeal from the curb.

2. Ensure your Lawn is Well-presented

When thinking of the best presented houses, most people automatically include homes with well-watered, tidy and well-maintained lawn in their list. An immaculate lawn almost invariably creates a great impression.

While a neat and tidy lawn is attractive in itself, a lawn that is overgrown and full of weeds tends to parallel a home that is not well-kept inside. If your lawn is quite unkempt, visitors and potential buyers are likely to enter your home expecting that work will need doing.

3. Tend to the plants

If your garden features plants that are scraggly, ugly or have gone well past their best, pull those plants out immediately. Instead of leaving overgrown and unattractive plants where they are, pull them out and replace them with fresh soil, mulch and simple flowers.

The inclusion of some colour in your garden can be achieved quite easily and inexpensively. Most importantly, planting some colour in your garden will increase the appeal of your home and buyers’ impressions of it.

4. Freshen up with Paint

A great way to significantly increase the street appeal of your home is to give your home a coat of paint. Be mindful and do your research to choose colours that are appealing and positively viewed. It can often be helpful to check out other homes around the area and homes of a similar style to determine the colours that work best and have positive appeal.

5. Look to the Roof

Astute home buyers and appraisers will check out the roof of a property. No one is really drawn in by a rusty roof in bad repair that clearly needs care and attention.

By making even minor improvements to your roof, you can not only improve the street appeal of your home but also increase its value. Many roofs can be improved with a fresh coat of paint and replacement of any tiles that may be missing or in a poor state.

The street appeal of your home can be significantly improved by following and implementing a few simple and quite inexpensive tips. Efforts to maximise the street appeal of your home really do make a difference – to people’s overall impressions of your home and its monetary value.


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What Others Have Said:

  1. Linda Manns says:

    Wow! What a change. I really enjoyed your suggestions. Thank you for sharing

  2. These are all very helpful tips on how to make your home look attractive inside out as well as look appealing to potential buyers. I remember when my family moved out of our old house. We were told to make the house look appealing from the first look, as first impressions can make such a difference. For us it meant the front entrance and our front lawn. We removed an old railing that was falling apart on both sides of our front door steps, added flowers around our two front trees, kept our grass well-maintained and added a new front screen door. Inside required some paint and some new carpet, but we had renovated the house while we were there, so it was mostly just adding or fixing things here and there. I guess the most important lesson it taught me was that appearance and quality does matter a lot when it comes to marketability.

  3. After years of apartment living, we own a home outright, no payments. Now, I want to go back to apt. living. There’s too much upkeep involved.

  4. cheryl lister says:

    We would definitely need to do some work on our front lawn to increase the curb appeal of our house.

  5. It’s amazing the transformation you can make by doing simple improvements to your yard! I have tons of ideas and have started working towards a goal of what I’d love for my yard to look like.

  6. Joey Thomas says:

    Buyers nowadays are indeed smarter. Exterior look and style is not only the factor they see but they are more likely to check if they wouldn’t need to do a lot of repairs and improvements. As you said, the roof is one of those that need to be in good shape. American Prestige Roofing

  7. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are definitely some great suggestions. We are working on our homes curb appeal now. Hope it turns out well

  8. David Bill says:

    It makes a big difference to attend to your facade. It’s a pity to wait until your moving on though – I think I’ll take some of your advice now while I can appreciate it myself.

  9. Dianna Davis says:

    These are still such great tips–since its the beginning of spring –its time to check and recheck what will work for our yard, thanks for such valuable information that really never gets old :-)