Top Ten Showering Tips!

Your shower should be a sanctuary. It is the place that you go to first in the morning to let the water run over you and get ready for the day ahead. It is a time out from the world; a private experience that should be enjoyable no matter what the rest of the day is going to bring.

The sad thing is that not everybody is getting the right kind of satisfaction from their early morning blast of water. Here are a few tips on how to make that right.

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Take Your Time: The worst thing in the world is a fast shower where you don’t get to do all of the things you need to do in there. Set your alarm five minutes early each day so that you can really enjoy your time under the water and don’t get out still covered in soap!

Shower Head: Have you ever really considered what kind of shower head you have? Is it the right one for you? Are you getting a wishy washy soaking when what you really need is a powerful blasting? The importance if the right shower head is paramount to a good shower. Have a think whether yours is the right one for you.

Pressure: You’ve got the right shower head but the water still isn’t piling out of there as you’d wish. You may need to call a plumber in. If you have pressure problems all the shower heads in the world aren’t going to make a jot of difference. Get a professional in!

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Temperature: Don’t go mad with the hot water. A powerful blast of hot water might seem to best way for you to wash away that hangover, but are you really enjoying the experience? The water should never be too hot. If you do like it that way, though, try to wind the time down by adding a bit of cold into the mix. Your body will appreciate it.

Accompaniments: Are you really taking care of yourself in the shower? This is supposed to be an enjoyable time and the products in the shower should reflect that. It might make the most financial sense to buy the bargain shower gel from the supermarket but you probably aren’t really loving the smell. Splash out a bit on some special smellies. The enjoyment factor will soar through the roof.

Loofa or Sponge?: Water is all good and well but you still need a sponge or a loofa to get at those hard to reach places and to give your back a good cleansing. Each person has their own preferences so make sure you choose correctly.

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Towel: The shower is not only about the water and the nice smells. It is also about the softness of the towel you will walk out into when you’re done. Don’t be exiting the loving arms of the hot water and be stepping into the rough material of an old threadbare towel. Take care of your body. Invest in a soft fluffy friend to greet you when you need to dry off.

The Bathroom: This place needs to perfect when you step out of the shower. Bath mats need to be soft and safe to walk on. The temperature needs to be right. And the mirror needs to be big enough for you to admire yourself in!

Right, you’re all set. Now go and enjoy yourself!


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What Others Have Said:

  1. Good tips…I like the smell – I love to use products that have a clean scent. Make me feel cleaner :)

  2. These are great tips and some of them I’ve never considered! After reading this, I’m starting to think we need to get a new shower head and I also believe that our water pressure might need to be fixed.

  3. littlestar714 says:

    Our water pressure is TERRIBLE. It always takes me at least 5 minutes longer than it normally would if I had actual water pressure! And I hate feeling like I still have soap left on me when Im done!

  4. I’ve heard a lot that showering with hot steamy water is probably not a good idea. I’ve been told from dermatologists that mild-to-lukewarm water is best so that your skin doesn’t suffer through any over-drying. Although it does feel good when it’s cold! One of the things I like about showerheads is that they can with different spray options, which you can choose to make your shower more to your liking.
    I think from the list, I should improve our water pressure! It seems like making your shower into your personal therapeutic session can be very helpful!

  5. cheryl lister says:

    Good tips, although I really prefer a bath. Nothing like a good warm soak in the tub!

  6. I Really loved reading your top 10 showering tips! You are right, the shower should be an enjoyable time for you to be by yourself and get clean! You really need to have some kind of soap that smells good and smells up the whole bathroom! It makes taking a shower so much better! I don’t generally get too much time in the shower. I take mine at night before I climb into bed. I’m general up now, online, entering contests so that I can TRY to win things for the kids, me, family, etc. for Christmas! I’m generally up until between 2-3am and then my husband gets upset with me. So, when I finally do make it upstairs, I take a quick shower to get to bed! I just can’t help it right now; with our financial situation right now, I am physically having panic attacks about having things for my kids, grandkids, etc. for Christmas! I try to enjoy the extremely short amount of time I have in there, however, I get worried that I have to hurry up! Anyway, I really do believe in everything you mentioned In your review! It was terrific! Thanks for sharing! Michele :)

  7. jennierinnn says:

    These are great tips! We definitely need a new shower head!

  8. Deborah D says:

    I wish I would have read this post before I redid my bathroom. Live and learn.

  9. Barbara Adams says:

    Is it a coincidence that all my best ideas happy in a sweet smelling moist environment, I think not! With the addition of music, I can find little reason to leave the bathroom.