Isabelle Grace Jewelry petite charm necklace

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Isabelle Grace Jewelry has launched a new petite charm necklace collection that my 12 year old daughter was privileged to wear and offer her thoughts. Isabelle Grace is known for their USA made personalized jewelry. The piece my daughter wore was the 16 inch necklace (.999 silver) with a 3/8” matte finish cross charm and pearl stone. There are numerous charm and gem options in this collection. The necklace arrived quickly and was packaged with instructions on how to keep the necklace clean and shiny. The company included a poly bag with an anti-tarnish pad which they recommend keeping the necklace in when not wearing it.

 Isabelle Grace Jewelry petite charm necklace              Isabelle Grace Jewelry petite charm necklace

My daughter wore the necklace daily for two weeks and during many different types of activities to provide the best review of how durable, comfortable, and likeable she thought it to be. My daughter’s first impressions of the necklace right out of the box were that it was super cute, trendy, and perfect for a tween soon to be teenager. Due to the delicateness of the necklace, it was difficult for her to put on/take off the necklace herself. This may have partly been resolved had we ordered the 18” chain which would have provided her more length to get the necklace around her neck and fastened.

 Isabelle Grace Jewelry petite charm necklace

Although we were a bit concerned at first by how delicate the necklace appeared, it held up well. My daughter wore it while attending school, zip lining, horseback riding, shopping, and simply hanging out at home. This piece of jewelry even survived the pulling of a ten month old sibling! With the daily putting on and taking off of the accessory, we did not have any issues with the clasp breaking or the jump rings coming loose or opening. During inspection of the piece of jewelry, we appreciated that all the jump rings attaching the clasp as well as the cross charm were tightly closed. The pearl stone was attached with a solid ring so the wearer doesn’t have to be concerned about it coming off.

My daughter loved the beauty and light weight that this necklace provided. She often forgot that she was wearing it. My daughter also has long, thick hair that she typically wears down and there were no complaints or problems with this necklace pulling or getting tangled up in her hair. She appreciated that the charm and stone stayed in place and that she didn’t have to keep reaching around her neck to move the charm/stone back to the front. This was a piece of jewelry she didn’t mind wearing daily.

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My daughter has enjoyed this necklace considerably. She has received numerous compliments on the necklace from family and friends. She loved that it was a visual of her faith as well. She mentioned that she wished the charm was somewhat bigger to be more noticeable. However, the product description suggested layering this piece with other accessories. She also wished it was easier to get on and off. The clasp being a bit small and the necklace a bit short in length it made it somewhat difficult for her to do herself. This may be due to her overall inexperience with jewelry. Her overall satisfaction with this necklace superseded any expectations that we had. The price was suitable for the quality and craftsmanship that the consumer receives in this accessory. This piece of jewelry would make a wonderful gift to commemorate any occasion and there is a range of charms to select from.

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion of this product.


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  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    What a Beautiful necklace for a Little Girl. My Great Granddaughter who is 4 would love this. She is very feminine . She loves pretty Necklaces & Bracelets.

  2. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Isabelle Grace has such variety to her jewelry. I love that..She has something for everyones taste. I myself love her Bon Bon Collection.All of those beautifully colored Beads.. I enjoyed reading your Post about your Daughters beautiful necklace. Thankyou for Sharing..