KidFit Wireless Activity Tracker Review

kidfit logo 1024x175 KidFit Wireless Activity Tracker Review

kidfit 2 KidFit Wireless Activity Tracker Review

In today’s word, ensuring that our children receive the right amount of exercise is an extra challenge.

They want to sit in front of the TV, computer, social media, video games, and they always have a cellphone on them.

But what if you can turn around the technology and make it work for your benefit? x-doria created the KidFit to help your children stay active. It tracks their activity and sleep, ensuring that they are healthy, despite the toll that technology can take.

“By tracking your progress over time, the KidFit app shows that little steps every day add up to big changes over time.”

The KidFit activity tracker is easy to use and effective. Children have a natural competitive edge, and KidFit speaks to that side of them. They are encouraged to beat previous goals, goals set for them, or even their siblings! It’s almost like a video game!

kidfit 4 KidFit Wireless Activity Tracker Review


Features of the KidFit:

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  • One size fits all slap band bracelet
  • Available in four fun colors: blue, black, fuchsia, and yellow
  • Syncs with an app that is compatible with iOS and Android
  • Wireless syncing, connects via Bluetooth
  • LED indicator has four color modes to show what it’s doing.
  • Single button easy operation
  • Charges via included micro USB to USB cable
  • Splash proof because your kid is a kid!
  • Textured band with good grip
  • Target is set according to your child’s age, weight, height
  • Customized point system. Play for points out of 100.
  • App features goals to challenge your child


While technology may revolutionize the way your child plays, it can also change the way your child exercises. Using an activity tracker means that your child won’t inadvertently spend too much time on devices, a common cause of childhood obesity today.Getting enough sleep is directly related to your child’s attention span, and how long he or she will perform in school (in relation to her own abilities).

You can take it a step further, and give incentives for goals that were met, while having a reliable way to keep track of your child’s sleep and activity. KidFit is a must-have for every game-loving, TV-watching child.

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