The Thirteenth – by G. L. Twynham – a Book Review X 2!

I recently became acquainted with a new book series – The Thirteenth – by G. L. Twynham.  There are three books currently in the series, with a fourth book due out some time in the spring of 2013.  I have read the first two and am nearly done with the third, but this review will be for (Continue Reading…);


Book Review – Wacko Academy

“Wacko Academy” book review by: Isabella S. “Wacko Academy,” by Faith Wilkins, is a story about how a normal 8th grade girl, named Lily, who gets kidnapped by mysterious people. She is sent to a school (Wackerson Academy) against her will. This high-class boarding school isn’t all that ordinary. A secret is kept from every (Continue Reading…);