Giveaway Linky!

Giveaway Linky List!

I appreciate that you take time to visit my blog or read the emails that I send to you, my readers.  I hope that I am providing you content that you find useful, and I came across these great sites recently and knew I had to share them with my blogger friends, but also my readers and sweepstakes fans!

Facebook has made it harder and harder to promote our giveaways/sweepstakes, so I am making an effort to put my giveaways and sweepstakes on Giveaway Linkies for my fans.  I hope both bloggers and fans will find this page useful.

Here is a list of sites where we, as bloggers, can submit our giveaways to for promotion, and for fans of sweepstakes, you can find some awesome giveaways to enter!

Giveaway Linkies:

Giveaway Cube

Contest Chest

Online Sweepstakes

Blog Giveaway Directory


Just Sweep ***

Contest Girl

Giveaway Promote ***

Giveaway Monkey

Sweeties Sweeps

Sweepstakes Max

Sweeps Advantage

Giveaway Booster

*** Must be organized by you and hosted by you on your blog.