Teri Hardy – My Story

This happened to me last summer and I didn’t have the nerve to come forward then.  I really felt and hoped it was a one-off event, even though a few other bloggers had warned me that Teri Hardy wasn’t to be trusted.  I did try to gently guide people away from investing in her group (Continue Reading…);


Spring Fashionista 2013 Sign-Ups Now Open!!!

We just finished up with the Fall 2012 Fashionista Event and it was a huge success for my blog and over 100 others! Now, the opportunity is now open to join the BIGGEST FASHION EVENT ON-LINE for spring 2013! I have never been more excited about an event. I have to admit there was a (Continue Reading…);


Herbs That Care For The Skin

Hey guys!  Please welcome Jane Tomlinson to our site!  Today, she is giving us beauty and skin care tips using herbs and natural remedies!  I hope you enjoy her post as much as I do!  Thanks for stopping by and being a loyal reader.  I appreciate all of you so much! BEAUTY TIPS – NATURALLY! (Continue Reading…);