Spring Fashionista 2013 Sign-Ups Now Open!!!

We just finished up with the Fall 2012 Fashionista Event and it was a huge success for my blog and over 100 others! Now, the opportunity is now open to join the BIGGEST FASHION EVENT ON-LINE for spring 2013! I have never been more excited about an event. I have to admit there was a (Continue Reading…);


Early Christmas Shopping?

I don’t know about you, but in my family Christmas shopping always includes electronics of some sort.  The hot buys lately are for the Google Nexus, cameras, the new iPad or iPhone and any accessories related to these, and any big screen LCD/LED TV (1080p) and other associated multimedia devices. I found some deals for (Continue Reading…);


Fashion Basics

  Creating a Winning Wardrobe that Works:  Let’s Start at the beginning! I’ll be the first to admit that I have had problems with getting a wardrobe together that not only suits my style, but my needs, adequately.  I have this habit of buying things on impulse:  It’s so cute; it’s on sale; I can (Continue Reading…);